Dylann Storm Roof: American Hero or American Zero?

Dylann Storm Roof was found guilty (as expected) by a Charleston, South Carolina jury two days ago for the murders of nine blacks, a crime which took place in a black church.

Roof had confessed to the shootings. He and his lawyers put up no defense.

This post is not about guilt, innocence, or theories of the crime.

Rather, it’s about the way that racially aware whites view Roof.

Setting aside the Daily Stormer’s satirical treatment of Roof as the victim of a gang of black mammies trying to steal his iphone and wallet, we have no consensus on how whites feel about the baby faced shooter.

The Age of Treason and Infostormer both have used the word hero to describe Roof.

dylan storm roof facebook photo

Since Roof is going to be spending time in prison before his probable execution, it is interesting to hear what white men in prison have to say about him.

Excerpt from Vice

“Dylann will be my next tattoo,” a skinhead doing time in the feds for a gun charge told VICE after watching the news of the church shootings.

In prison, a convict’s skin color often defines him. It is his flag or calling card, and thanks to the disproportionate jailing of people of color, whites often find themselves as part of the minority inside, a position they are unaccustomed to. Thus the rise of white supremacists in prison, the people who deem racial integration and diversity a threat to their culture, just as Roof allegedly found black men a threat to his.

“Whites made America great,” an Aryan Nations member we’ll call “Big” said. A 36-year-old white male of Dutch, German, and French ancestry, Big hails from upstate New York. He’s doing a 120-month sentence for conspiring to distribute cocaine.

“We are descendants of white Europeans. We stand out and shine as a race. The white race is genetically superior. We’re smarter. We invented everything,” Big added.

Unlike more traditional prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, or Black Guerrilla Family, gangs like the Aryan Nations allow members to come and go without retribution. There is no blood-in/blood-out credo, as the group was put together by men who were fed up with other organizations that claimed to be for the white race but were in reality just criminal cliques, based in prison, that preyed on whoever was vulnerable.

The Aryan Nations was inspired by the tenets of Nazi Germany. They have a violent streak aligned with Nazism’s anti-Semitic and racist ideology; one of their followers, Buford Furrow, received two life sentences plus 110 years for an August 1999 shooting spree at a Jewish community center in LA. Other Aryan Nations members have been involved in bank robberies, shoot-outs with authorities, and the murders of blacks and others. To men like these, Dylann Roof could quickly become a sort of folk hero—even if there are a few white supremacists in prison determined to keep their distance.

“The guy was just some lame who wasn’t affiliated with the movement in any way,” one member of the Aryan Circle, another white supremacist prison gang, told VICE. “What he did was senseless and only gives the media more reason to portray blacks as victims. Before anyone even knew who the dude was, CNN had a response from the Southern Poverty Law Center saying that white hate groups are on the rise, and everyone assumed that the dude was tipped up. The kid was just some mentally ill drug addict who probably got sick and tired of the media always trashing whites, so it pushed him over the edge.”

Public officials like South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley are already calling for Roof to be executed, so there’s a good chance he’ll never see the inside of a regular prison. If he does end up incarcerated and in the general population, he’d probably feel compelled to join a racist gang.

“That kid better clique up quick,” the Aryan Circle member added. “He couldn’t join us. We don’t accept lames, but one of these gangs will accept it. They will treat him like a celebrity, but he will have problems with the blacks. He will probably have to do his first few years in PC [protective custody] before the media scrutiny wears down and they can release him to general population.”

Hero or zero? Everyone will have his or her opinion. Mine is that he’s a zero. Roof harmed the White Nationalist cause and got the Confederate flag banned.

He went off on his own without thinking through what we desire to achieve, which is to wrest back as much of American soil as we can by banning nonwhites from our exclusively white areas.

Roof wanted to start a race war. Charles Manson did too. There is an undeclared race war going on in America, the epidemic of black on white crime, but igniting a hot race war by killing people didn’t work for Manson nor has it worked for Roof. Realistically, a race war would require some extreme event to set off. An economic collapse with rampaging blacks hitting the streets to commit mass murder, arson, and looting would be an example.

Although the future for young white males like Roof is bleak, his own personal future is even bleaker. And if he intended to help the white race, he failed miserably.

6 thoughts on “Dylann Storm Roof: American Hero or American Zero?

  1. The whole incident showed the hypocrisy of BRA today. Negroes are murdered, and it is front page news for months, and evil YT is portrayed and proclaimed as monstrous by the (((media and our gov’t))). Soon after the incident, the victim’s families received a multi-million pay-out (our tax dollars) from the federal gov’t. When did that ever happen for evil YT victims of Orc violence? The groid has been victimizing and murdering evil YT for over 50 years now, and all the while the goblins have been protected as an endangered species by our (((gov’t))). Sorry, but I have no sympathy for those people. Call it a little payback.

  2. Big ZERO in my book. If this guy were smart (which he isn’t), he would of made a donation to Planned Parenthood to specifically abort black babies. Its legal and we rid of earth of more negroes. Total win/win.

  3. “Dylann Storm Roof was found guilty (as expected) by a Charleston, South Carolina jury two days ago for the murders of nine blacks, a crime which took place in a black church.
    Roof had confessed to the shootings. He and his lawyers put up no defense.”

    I have never heard of a jury trial where a person pleads Guilty. So he confessed to the crime like an idiot, but then pleaded Not Guilty, but then put up no defense? Was his lawyer a Jew by any remote chance?

    I wonder if the real reason for choosing someone (a patsy) with a distinctive bowl haircut is that the witnesses would then easily finger the wrong man? I.e. maybe Dylann Roof was not even at the church that day. Why did he sit in the congregation, why not just start shooting before they had looked at his face?

    All these mass shooters are very distinctive in appearance, haircuts, car they use etc, I do not understand why no mass shooter ever wears a mask and then uses a stolen car as his getaway vehicle. Do they all want to get caught? If yes why did he run away?

    Is he named after Bob Dylan? If so his parents may be leftie hippie crap.

    If he is guilty he has done only harm to the white race and no good. If he had to kill Coons he should only have killed young ones, not old ones too old to breed.

    • He wanted the trial so as to be able to make a public statement. During the penalty phase of the trial, next month I think, he and not his lawyers will address the jury. I assume he will make some sort of racial manifesto type statement.

  4. He is a HERO…i pray for a MILLION MORE Dillon Roofs, the anti-white racism has gotten out of control and we need to fight back or be lost. we are already the minority in the world.

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