D.C. schools spokeswoman Hilary Tone says she wants to ‘get rid of’ white men

In the coming race war Hillary Tone will be wishing for a white man to save her from being gang raped and murdered by savage warlords who will at least temporarily dominate sections of turf in Washington, D.C.

With the white race facing extinction, her hateful comments do not help the odds for the survival of the dispersed European peoples in America, Australia, New Zealand and in our European homeland.

The good news is that this bitter brat isn’t typical. At least I don’t think so.

Washington Times

A spokeswoman for D.C. Public Schools is under fire for posts on social media saying she wants to “get rid of” white men.

DCPS spokeswoman Hilary Tone on Tuesday retweeted a news story about President-elect Donald Trump nominating former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as energy secretary, titled, “Rick Perry chosen to run agency he once threatened to abolish,” according to screenshots published by The Daily Caller.

“In that case I’d like to be Secretary of White Men,” Ms. Tone quipped.

According to the screenshot, the school district’s deputy chief of school turnaround and performance, Eugene Pinkard, favorited the tweet.

“I’ve been waiting for this fave ALL DAY,” Ms. Tone responded.

She also took to her Facebook page, writing, “If wanting to get rid of something qualifies you to run it, I want to be Secretary of White Men.”

This emotional airhead with the intelligence of a five year old spoiled child actually has a job?

Whoa! Whatever she’s paid, it’s too much.

Imagine if a man had said about women what she said about men. He’d be fired already for creating a hostile work place.

Guys, you now know what Hilary Tone looks like. Avoid her at all costs.

7 thoughts on “D.C. schools spokeswoman Hilary Tone says she wants to ‘get rid of’ white men

  1. She can do her bit by not having any children. With white males especially. Even full black fathers will pass 50% of her white genes to her children. Some will be males like Barrack Obummer.
    Everyone says he is the “first black president”.
    Yet he is only half black. He is half a white man. That is the half that has brains and got him through law school.

    A large percentage of young white women these days are not having any children because they are too lazy and too selfish. Also the Govt has undermined the family, stability of jobs, too many immigrants, easy welfare, easy abortion etc etc.

    • All true, but she has to be fired. She works in education, as a spokesperson no less. There are young White boys in education and they must not be forced to have this smug harridan in the system.

      She’s just the typical sanctimonious gender studies moron. She must not work in education, where nurturing is required, especially now that her hateful attitude is known.

      She is a traitor who thinks she can’t gain some prestige. Children should have to put up with this. She’s bad for boys and a bad roll model for girls. Get rid of her.

  2. She’ll change her mind one day. Hopefully she will be remembered for this when she does, and hopefully it will be held against her and she constantly reminded about it.

  3. “I need feminism, because ‘Kill All Men” is like just a joke, but ‘Kill all Women’ is super misogynistic, and would mean the end of my world!”

    • Yep, she was just joking! It’s OK. It’s only a joke.

      Since she doesn’t like white men, let her eat black dick and die. I tried to look at her other Tweets but she’s taken her account private.

  4. Her T shirt says she has the dibs on Prince Harry. She would have his royal babies without any hesitation. She is, like many females, wildly ambitious and believes she is special.

    In the book “50 Shades Of Female Fantasy” the hero is incredibly good looking, he is tall, he is slim, he is charming, he is well groomed.
    That is just for starters. He flies his own helicopter and has a private jet.
    He is a billionaire and the head of his own company.
    He loves spending money on his current girlfriend.
    He has servants including a full time cook and a man aide butler/driver etc who is always nearby.
    He has made all his wealth.
    He is 27 years of age.
    Best of all he is sexually a weirdo control freak who likes to tie women up and beat and whip them. And shag them. Lots of times per day.
    Still the list does not end. He is a do gooder philanthropist who lives and works in Seattle and his ambition is feeding the world i.e. all the future Coons to infinity.

    So that is about the average expectation of the average plain Jane these days. They want it all if the man is white. Instead, some they settle for some dumb Coon and have lots of niglets, They get the beatings but nothing much else.

    • “wildly ambitious and believes she is special.”

      That describes the young Mexican females at the university to a T. All of them believed they were going to be medical doctors. From what I can tell the relaxation of standards has allowed that to happen. Mexican female doctors are the norm now. None of them are even remotely smart or hard working.

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