Berlin: Filthy Monster Who Kicked Woman Down Flight of Stairs Identified

The story of the woman kicked from behind for no reason was posted here earlier this week. That story went viral across the world.

Now the perp has been identified as a Bulgarian immigrant who has probably escaped back to Bulgaria.

There are over half a million Muslims in Bulgaria, according to Wikipedia. The perp pictured isn’t going to be easy to find.

The Local Germany

The man, whose brutal attack on a woman at a Berlin U-Bahn station went viral, has been identified but not arrested, officials said on Wednesday.

Public prosecutors said they had identified the man who kicked a 26-year-old woman down a flight of stairs at a Berlin U-Bahn station.

According to Berlin tabloid B.Z., police had not been able to apprehend the suspect because he had gone to his home country of Bulgaria. But prosecutor Martin Steltner told DPA of this report that: “We will investigate.”

Tagesspiegel reported that police would neither confirm nor deny the report to their journalists.

The assault had taken place in October at the Hermannstrasse U-Bahn station, but police last week released CCTV footage vividly depicting how the man – seemingly unprovoked – had kicked the woman in the back, causing her to fall face-first to the platform below. He and several acquaintances then walked away while others on the platform came to the woman’s aid.

The clip was shared across social media and even gained attention in international media.

Two private citizens in Berlin had offered thousands of euros in reward money to whoever could identify the attacker, who left the woman with a broken arm.

According to Tagesspiegel, all four men captured in the video were related to one another and came from Bulgaria. Police this week had found and questioned one of the acquaintances seen in the video, but he was later released because there was not enough evidence of a crime on his part.

Tagesspiegel further cited security sources who said it could not be ruled out that releasing the video may have contributed to the main suspect’s decision to leave Germany.

But Steltner told the newspaper that there was still hope that officials would be able to arrest the perpetrator.

The story goes on to describe another similar attack.

Diversity. Ain’t it wonderfu!

8 thoughts on “Berlin: Filthy Monster Who Kicked Woman Down Flight of Stairs Identified

  1. Bulgaria? The poorest country in eastern Europe. The are countless muslims there and they have been there since the time of Vlad Tepes, nasty looking bastards with black hair darkish skin and crooked teeth. They advertise holidays to Bulgaria here in the UK where you can go for 2 weeks for around £100.00, I don’t think they get many takers.If they catch this POS it will be a miracle.

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  3. Symptomatic behavioral pattern, for Muslims, Niggers and other primitives, they always roam in small or large herds. I could bet that the same “macho” tried to “impress” with something this woman earlier, and being rejected, or even worse – ignored, triggered his “manly” ego to retaliate. His buddies obviously felt he was entitled to “indemnification” for his lost “honor”, and “bitch” just deserved it.

    As of Bulgaria, same as Romania, this two should have never been allowed to join EU. Albania is also in the same, if not worse, category. European Countries with significant numbers of autochthone Muslims and Gipsies are the similar shitholes as their Middle Eastern and North Africa brethren. No wonder why, they are their remnants, remained there after Islamic invasions.

    It’s a proof that multiculturalism is plan utopia, as after centuries, these turds remained genuine prime-turds.

    • The most shit filled countries in Europe were mostly part of the Turkish Empire. Muslims are the worst except for gypsies who really scrape the bottom of the barrel, along with Australian Abos.

  4. Bulgaria is part of the EU. Germany can demand that Bulgaria extradite this guy to Germany or else there will be economic consequences for Bulgaria. Germany would then get the guy in a matter of hours, not days.

  5. Yeah, when (((they))) identify people as Bulgarian, Romanian, Kosovars etc. or as being citizens of other European countries that are in that region be aware that those countries were constantly invaded or under control of the Ottomans. Those people are mongrelized with Turk and Muslim blood. They are not Caucasian. An example is the movie “Taken”. The villains were Albanian mudbloods. These “people” are vicious and soulless. These are some of the people that the einsatzgruppen were eliminating. The (((press))) is always trying to mislead the public into thinking these perps are evil YT’s.

  6. “Police this week had found and questioned one of the acquaintances seen in the video, but he was later released because there was not enough evidence of a crime on his part.”

    This is false, all the gang are guilty, though of a lesser crime. They did nothing to help the victim, they did not retrain their friend or report him to the police.

    In the real world, if a crime is committed and one the members uses a gun to kill someone, all are guilty of murder. This happens all the time. The other members say truthfully “I did not knew he had a gun”. This is no defense. Same for this attempted murder, the other are guilty also.

    All Botulisms shoudl be banned from being in the company of more than one other male when in public. they always roam in gangs because they are gutless. When will white countries stop this gang behaviour? A lot of these Muslim Marauders are criminals also. Why the heck are they allowed to even enter Germany? Bring back all national border controls and close down the EU. End NATO also to save Europe.

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