You Can’t Cuck the Tuck: Jew Reporter Goes Mental When Tuck Asks Him to Substantiate Claims

This Twitter video is short but has poor sound quality. The long youtube video of the confrontation is embedded at the end of this post. It reveals the whole confrontation, showing how a clever reporter tries to escape from Tucker’s jaws of death.

Tucker Carlson has become a huge hit for Fox News and a highly looked forward to show on Fox weeknights. Along with Judge Janine, Tucker nightly destroys the liberal narrative. Both Tuck and the Judge have become cultural icons over the last few months.

The Hill

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald faced off in a heated on-air battle over reporting and President-elect Donald Trump late Thursday.

“In the last year, I’ve noticed – I think it’s fair to say – an increasingly partisan turn from you,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” when prefacing his first question to Eichenwald. “Do you believe you’re practicing journalism?”

“When did you stop beating your wife?” Eichenwald retorted after heartily laughing at Carlson. “What are you talking about?”

Haha. I’ve noticed that Jews like to respond to legit questions with questions not so legit. My favorite, which I’ve used against unreasonable women, is “What’s wrong with you?” I picked that one up from Howard Stern. It worked for me.

Carlson then cited some of Eichenwald’s past tweets about Trump, including one calling the now-president-elect “stupid and lazy.”

The segment quickly morphed into both men arguing over Eichenwald’s past claims about Trump’s health and frequent tweets.

“You have a real habit of taking things out of context,” Eichenwald told Carlson during their war of words.

“My only point is that you ought to label yourself what you are, which is an advocate,” the Fox host retorted.

Eichenwald ultimately unveiled a white binder labeled “Tucker Carlson falsehoods,” which he threatened to read on-air if the television personality would not let him speak.

“This is very tiresome,” Carlson said after more bickering. “I can’t imagine negotiating with you. I would go crazy.”

“How can Fox News employ you?” Eichenwald asked after threatening to read from his binder again. “Do you really want to do this? Do you really want to play this game?”

The interview eventually ended without a resolution.

“This is performance art,” Carlson said. “I’ve never had an interview like this in my life. Nobody’s getting anything out of this.

“I’m starting to have concerns about you, Kurt,” he added before cutting off Eichenwald. “What I’m saying is I am concerned about your behavior on this show tonight.”

This youtube video captures the whole confrontation. To me it’s worth watching to observe how clever liberals try to weasel out of taking responsibility for their toxic stew of smears.

Published on Dec 15, 2016

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host calls out Newsweek for alleged bias and asks reporter Kurt Eichenwald to his face whether he should even be allowed to cover President-elect Trump #Tucker

9 thoughts on “You Can’t Cuck the Tuck: Jew Reporter Goes Mental When Tuck Asks Him to Substantiate Claims

  1. The old Gestapo gag “Ve vill ask ze questions” sums up Jews and liberals pretty well. They do not think they have to answer anything.
    I avoid watching one journalist interviewing another journalist. This is very common with finance reporting and you just get a load of lies.
    Journalists and interviewers are nobodies who know nothing. So why should I listen to their opinions, or rather the opinion of their (((bosses))).

    • CNBC’s Jim Kramer of Mad Money comes to mind as worthless, but he is entertaining. You may have heard of him through his books. He pushes stock picks on an unsuspecting public. Joe Kernan of CNBC’s Squawk Box seems like a nice truthful white fellow. He was one of the few that I trusted back when I had TV.

  2. I have been watching these Carlson video clips on Jewtube. He shreds every one of these petulant libtards who behave like unprepared school-children. I guess his (((guests))) do not watch these clips.

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  4. Reblogged this on 50 Shades of Pissed Off and commented:
    Wow this one is worth the watch. Unebelievable. Typical liberal behavior. He was probably so upset about humiliating himself that he faked the “a trump supporter, racist, white nationalist, Russian spy sent me a flashing strobe light that read “you deserve an eplilipsy because we are racist haters”. What a load of BS

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  6. Typical…just follow the Jew narrative..hate Trump,hate America, hate white people, open borders, love illegals, love war, love dead Gentiles ….new Jew narrative Trump is nuts!

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