War Drums: Obama vows action against Russia over election hacks

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Liberals would rather see World War 3 than accept the ascendancy of Donald John Trump to the presidency of the United States.

They have, with the help of rogue CIA agents, concocted a cock-and-bull story that claims the Russians hacked the American election and that such hacking is an act of war. The claim includes the allegation that Vladimir Putin himself ordered the hacking. Other nonsensical claims include the idea that Trump is a Russian “asset,” meaning puppet or spy.

Perhaps Barack Obama really will be the last president of the United States. There won’t be much left after a nuclear war. But to liberals it will all be worth it to stop Trump


US President Barack Obama has vowed to take action against Russia for its alleged interference in the US presidential election campaign.

“We need to take action and we will,” he told US radio station NPR.

Russia stands accused by the US of hacking the emails of the Democratic Party and a key Hillary Clinton aide, which the Kremlin strongly denies.

Republican president-elect Donald Trump has also dismissed the claim as “ridiculous” and politically motivated.

The intelligence agencies say they have overwhelming evidence that Russian hackers linked to the Kremlin were behind the hacks.

And on Thursday, a White House spokesman said President Vladimir Putin was involved in the cyber-attacks.

Hours later, Mr Obama said: “I think there’s no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact on the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action and we will, at a time and a place of our own choosing.

“Some of it may be explicit and publicised. Some of it may not be.

“Mr Putin is well aware of my feelings about this, because I spoke to him directly about it.”

It is not clear what action the US intends to take, with Mr Obama leaving office on 20 January.

The disclosure of emails was embarrassing to the Democratic Party at a crucial point in the election campaign.

The CIA has concluded that Russia’s motivation was to sway the election in favour of Mr Trump, but no evidence has been made public.

Whatever happens, it’s probably happening now. As these words are being written, it’s also likely that members of the Electoral College are being intimidated to steal the election from Trump.

what is happening gif

What’s happening is that our phony republic is being exposed as a corrupt, globalist dictatorship that we were ignorant about.

10 thoughts on “War Drums: Obama vows action against Russia over election hacks

  1. I presume that the spies gave themselves the word “intelligence”.
    “The intelligence agencies”. What a misnomer.
    One may as well call the MSM intelligent, if spreading lies, propaganda and disinformation is an intelligent thing to do.

    I hazard a guess that many Western spy agencies deliberately work against the interests of their own country – i.e. they are traitors. I would not accuse Mossad of this.
    i also think it likely that sleaze and corruption is more rife in intentional agencies than any local police office or national one like the FBI. Agencies like the CIA are rogue and essentially unaccountable – like the Fed and the Supreme Court. The British spies of a few decades back were very often Cambridge educated Commie homo butt banging spies and traitors.
    One wonders how so many faggots were hired during a time such sexual behaviour was illegal.
    How come a homo Jew was chosen to head the highly secret Manhattan Project? He hired plenty of Jew Commie traitors and spies to work on the project which helped to cause a Cold War lasting for 45 years.

    Actually relatively few highly intelligent people work for Governments in any capacity, IMO. Least of all as spies. Brains are not needed – just a sociopathic mentality of lying, deception, cunning etc for which Jews are ideally skilled.

  2. President Obtusema and his rag-tag collection of Jews, negroes, LGBTQwhatevers, and incompetent duds like John Kerry have been out-matched and out-classed by Russia since he took office. Putin is too smart to take them seriously and is only waiting for the God Emperor to assume office so we can have an actual reset and normalize relations with Russia. The fact that the last eight years of my life was spent under this grifter nigger and his goons makes my blood boil.

  3. Mexico overtly tries to influence us elections

    Where is the bitch fest about that?

    I have no doubt Russia and Putin tried to influence american politics, just like we try to influence theirs.

    It’s what nation states do but bitching about the Russians and not the rest is bullshit, and Russia is probably the only nation trying to play those games to help Trump. You know the rest wanted the hildabeast and a weaker more easily manipulated usa

  4. I guess its ok with hussein that israhell / [[[skypes and handlers]]]installed him and has controlled nearly every election in this country for a hundred and fifty years…THAT foreign influence is alright apparently…

    Clowns like this would be pitiable and funny even were they not so dangerous.

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