Muslims Filmed by Security Cam Trying to Rape Young Girl

Thank goodness the scum were run off and then chased by police.

I don’t have any information about where this assault took place or whether the perps were captured. If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Dec 12, 2016

Agression de migrants sur une jeune Européenne

Yes, Europe needs to round up and deport its Muslims, but Europe must never forget the (((tribe))) that is behind the invasion and colonization of the continent. When the Jewish problem is solved, the Muslim problem will be easily taken care of.

10 thoughts on “Muslims Filmed by Security Cam Trying to Rape Young Girl

      • Hey PJ, and Robert,

        You guys are too kind;

        First, you torture them… for a few hours, just a few, THEN you shoot the Jesus out of their knee caps, then call the police and ambulances.

        Upon their arrival at hospital, kindly send them a “Get Well Card” with flowers watered with the finest pig urine there is.

        During visiting hours, pay them a surprise visit, say you’re a “personal injury lawyer”, then beat the crap out of them again.

        Once you’re done, bring this guy in:

        and have him rape them all, all of them.

        Put simply, don’t I ever catch one of them doing something like that here, I’ll make myself “at hand”, believe me. Aren’t euphemism great…

      • That’ll teach her to have anything to do with these creatures. And yet all the advertising in Paris (I lived near it for 2 years) shows beautiful white francaise natives having sexual contact with Turkish, Algerian, and Sub Saharan African men. Interesting that the entire social and political infrastructure in Europe is manufacturing a soft genocide on so many levels that all of the natural instincts for this young woman NOT to be around these animals were completely neutralized. We are simply allowing ourselves to be exterminated without even a protest. Unbelievable…

        Also strange: In the Paris Metros armed SWAT type military men stand about 30 feet apart up and down the entire place. Yet shit like this happens all the time.

      • I noticed that the police came quickly. The video isn’t that long. The cops, er, gendarmes, got there within a minute or so and the Muzzies took off running. I sincerely hope that Marine Le Pen is victorious and that she actually does something about the mess in France.

  1. The French police are as PC and hands-tied as our police. If caught, these sand niggers would be released in no time to continue their mayhem. When France had its colonies in Algeria, Morocco, etc. these towel-heads would have been hung. Of course, that is when the French and evil YT in general still had balls, guts, and backbone and kept the mudman in his place.

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  3. This took place in France where the jew’s Freemasons long ago began the construction of their ISIS v America program of destruction, and which is now set against the whole Western world, while the jews and their secretive Freemasons remain in the background and pull the strings to make that destruction happen.

    The Statue of Liberty (Isis)

    Emma Lazarus – jewess –
    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

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