Countdown to Christmas: Three Hours of Relaxing Christmas Music and More

Relaxing guitar instrumentals of Christmas favorites:

George Bailey’s prayer from It’s a Wonderful Life:

The nativity scene like you’ve never seen it before:

How much time until Christmas? Xmasclock offers the exact time, down to the second!

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: Three Hours of Relaxing Christmas Music and More

  1. About ” It’s a Wonderful Life”.
    I used to be fooled by Frank Capra’s idealistic propaganda bullsh. Then one day I re-watched this movie and saw what a revengeful fool George Bailey was.
    Potter was wiling to pay him a huge salary. Potter had no children and was a bitter old man. George could have inherited all of Potters money quite quickly and used it for good – if he still wanted to. He would have been the son Potter wished he had.
    In addition, when Potter offered him the job he knew that George Bailey was a man of principle. Thus he accepted that George would moderate his (Potters) greed.
    They together could have built houses, made money and all the while helping the little people backed a strong bank not some nickel and dime S & L.
    George was right to jump in the river. He should have taken the job. To me this is an anti capitalist movie but Turdpedia says Capra was a Republican. Capra looks Jewey to me – or North African.

    Plus George fails to fire that old idiot who then loses a huge sum of money folded up in a newspaper. Proving that George is a sentimental young fool who maybe would have been a bad manager for Potter.

    Capra maybe thought that Communism and do gooderism would solve the problem of USA housing for poor workers as it did in the Soviet Union. The main reason Stalin killed so many people was to solve the housing shortage. It is easier to kill people than to build houses for them. One day Western Govts will catch on to this idea – getting rid of old pensioners who paid tax all their lives, so they can instead keep looking after young fast breeder darkies who have never paid a cent in tax.

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