Britain: 46 Year Old Desert Dindu Who Tried to Have Sex with 16 Year Old Girl in Public Swimming Pool Banned from Pools and Gyms


Muh haji didn’t get much punishment considering his crimes. Not only has he escaped jail, but a small fine and a ban from going to swimming pools is about it.

Why aren’t these sand roaches ever deported by the British justice system?

The Sun

A PERVERT barber has been banned from all public gyms and swimming pools after he harassed a young woman in her bikini for sex.

Sick Mohsen Belhaj, 46, dropped his shorts and invited the 21-year-old to romp with him.

Belhaj first fancied the woman when she joined Fit Gym in Salford, Gtr Manchester, aged just 16 but she left a short time later.

After rejoining following university, Belhaj tried to have sex with her and took two photographs of her while she was wearing a bikini.

She reported him and Belhaj deleted the pictures after he was confronted by two members of staff.

The woman, who was 25 years his junior, said the incidents in the summer left her “an emotional mess” and feeling “sickened and disgusted”.

In a statement, she added: “I am sickened and disgusted what he may do to girls younger than myself.”

District Judge Nicholas Sanders told Belhaj: “Your behaviour was unrelenting and you have shown no remorse for what you did.

“Because you present such a risk I am going to ban you from all public swimming baths and gyms in Greater Manchester.

“You are now a convicted sex offender.” Declan Doherty, defending, said Belhaj, who came to the UK 12 years ago from Libya and set up a barber’s shop, said his client did not accept he had done anything wrong.

After the court case at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ court, he said: “It is all lies, I swear. I didn’t do it. It has all been made up by the girl. I didn’t do anything.” Belhaj, from Salford, Gtr Manchester, was convicted of voyeurism, indecent exposure and harassment following a trial.


He was given 20 weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years, and is now banned from all gyms and public swimming pools in Greater Manchester.

Belhaj was also given a six month curfew keeping him indoors between 8 pm and 6 am and ordered to pay his victim £250 compensation – and pay prosecution costs of £735.

In August, pervert Craig Parker, 27, was banned from all swimming pools in the country after he tried to film a 16-year-old girl on his mobile phone as she changed in Sleaford, Lincs.

They will never assimilate. Vigilante justice should be weighed against the penalty for a white male getting caught teaching the sand turds a lesson. The punishment meted out to this one is no deterrent at all. What’s wrong with British justice?

15 thoughts on “Britain: 46 Year Old Desert Dindu Who Tried to Have Sex with 16 Year Old Girl in Public Swimming Pool Banned from Pools and Gyms

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  2. What ever happened to that old Brit tradition ,very Islamic by the way of HEAD CHOPPING ?
    The TOWER is still there but no executions are scheduled today WHY this guy is a prime candidate?
    OH yes this guy is a child abuser and member of the club in parliment?

    • Getting the axe is a great compliment in Britain. Only royalty can get the chop. Guilty Coons and Muzzies instead are entitled to be hung by the neck until they are dead.

  3. Yet a young man gets prison time for posting a harmless tweet (tweets don’t kill) to a member of parliament.

    The laws protect the rich and powerful but kids can go to hell.

    Something wrong with our (((country))) today.

  4. ” convicted of voyeurism”.
    This may be a legal trend along the lines of race “hate”. He looked at females, including one aged 16, in bikinis and tried to film them in public places. There is no mention that he sneaked around at night peeking in windows, or upskirting, or peeking in toilets and changing rooms and bedroom windows. But maybe he did.

    What worries me is that any man in the future might be arrested for even looking at a female who is not fully clothed. For example an old dude walks along the beach admiring the young females hips, bums and top bollocks. Next moment he is serving two years in jail for voyeurism. He is guilty so he should be in jail, right?

    When you combine this law with the new hate laws, all red blooded white men will be in jail.

    There is a sick song by the Australian female singer Sia which has 1.5 billion hits. Billion, not million. The song is about female drunkenness, abuse and sluttiness, maybe prostitution. Perfect for an 11 year old Jewess to dance to in a skin coloured leotard in a video seen by billions. Ellen Degenerate, lezzo, thought so too and had both of them on her perverted show. My point is that this song on youtube is child abuse. If this muzzie made this video and kept it private he would have got two years in jail and ten years if he shared it. Instead the perverted creeps behind this music video win awards and accolades.

    • Porn, marketed as art. Child porn at that.

      It’s a legit worry about vague laws that allow the arrest of normal men, although this muzzie is not normal by a long shot. He pulled down his pants and demanded sex, according to the story.

      Several years back, a guy in California or Florida was demonized on HuffPo for going to high school football games and filming cheerleaders. He packaged those cheerleader vids together into compliations and sold them on the Internet. I believe he was arrested for child porn because he zoomed in on genital areas, which the girls expose during their routines. I can’t recall his name or other details.

      • These are two different issues

        One is about the courts, government/ system is failing to protect Whites

        The other is about how male sexuallity is demonized and attacked

      • “dropped his shorts and invited the 21-year-old to romp with him.”
        I had presumed he kept his undies on. This it the MSM which tells us all the important facts. (?)
        Did he flash his John Roger in which case the offense is much more serious than the Sun described it? Did he have a woody at the time?
        Voyeurs and flashers are mostly two different types of people.

  5. I’m not English, I am Irish. This creep would’ve wished the court had put him away when I tracked him down in the early hours of the morning and introduced him directly to his beloved prophet.

  6. The only problem Mr Saboteur is that if a white man did the right thing and rendered this camelhumper incapable of sex or even being interested in it – which is the minimum righteous penalty, followed by deportation of the remains – [[[they]]] would undoubtedly reopen the tower for executions…

    Vigilante justice is the only current answer, but until the sheeple wake up, it will have to be done quietly until the perps begin to fear.

  7. I have great respect for the British since they civilized the world (while it was under their domination), but the Brits have had it. They are lost. Hitler let them retreat back to England from Dunkirk. Too bad he did not take them all prisoner. I guess allowing 340,000 enemy soldiers to retreat to their homeland and not slaughtering them on the beaches shows what a monster Hitler was.

    • Hitler did not have to kill them. If he had wisely captured them, he may have won the war and also have had a great chance to defeat the Soviet Union. That is what he did not want. There are several articles on Henry Makows site which argue this unusual point, based on Hitlers real life actions, not his nice words.

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