BREAKING: Court Releases Video of OK Running Back Joe Mixon Viciously Punching Out Blonde Female Student


We really have to do something about these feral animals who walk among us.

The blacks on youtube are celebrating. The whites are calling the blacks niggers.

It’s interesting how the Negroid population admits that any slight is enough to set them off, which they think is just fine.

They don’t belong among civilized people.


News OK

University of Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon on Friday had his attorney make public the surveillance video that shows him punching another student, Amelia Molitor, in July 2014.

Mixon also had his attorney release a second surveillance video from the same night.

The second video shows other OU football players at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe in Norman at the time of the incident.

“Mr. Mixon asked us to once again say he is sorry for the way he reacted that night. He has apologized publicly to Ms. Molitor, her friends, his family, teammates and the University,” his attorney, Blake Johnson, wrote in a letter. “He hopes that his voluntary release of these recordings will help put this matter to rest.”


he Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled 8-1 on Dec. 6 that the video showing the punch is a public record. Justices said the city of Norman must release that video to the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters.

The association had sued for access to that video under the Open Records Act. The video had not been released yet because the city of Norman was given 20 days to decide whether it wanted a rehearing on the issue.

“While Mr. Mixon is not a party to the OAB lawsuit and has not been directed by the Court to make any disclosure, he does not see any reason for the release of the recording at issue in that lawsuit to be delayed any longer,” Johnson wrote in the letter.

“Further delay appears only to be generating unfounded speculation about what is shown in that video,” the attorney wrote. “We also see no reason to withhold the second recording we received from Ms. Molitor’s attorneys and so have included it as well.”

One of Molitor’s attorneys, Rusty Smith, criticized the timing of the release. He pointed out Molitor was going through graduation ceremonies at OU on Friday night. He suggested Mixon could have waited.

Molitor’s attorneys long have had the videos themselves but made a decision not to release them. They had sought permission to argue to a Cleveland County judge that the video of the punch should not be released.

Smith said the decision not to release the videos themselves was made “so the evidence could be viewed by the court officials and a jury, as opposed to a public forum.”

He also said, “The videos speak for themselves.”

By having the video of the punch released now, Mixon avoids the possibility it would be released by the city of Norman days before the Sugar Bowl and become a distraction to the team. OU plays Auburn on Jan. 2 in New Orleans.

Molitor, 22, is suing Mixon, 20, in Oklahoma City federal court for punching her in the face inside Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe early in the morning on July 25, 2014. U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton last month dismissed two of her three claims.

Mixon is raising a number of defenses to her remaining claim — intentional infliction of emotional distress. His attorneys assert, for instance, that Molitor “by her conduct contributed in whole or in part to any claimed loss or injuries.”

Molitor “repeatedly instigated hostile conversations” with Mixon and his companions outside the cafe’s front door, his attorneys wrote in an answer to the lawsuit.

Once inside, Molitor motioned to Mixon to approach her at the table where she was standing and she then “initiated further discussion” with him, his attorneys wrote in the answer filed Tuesday. Mixon overheard Molitor saying he and other black men were trying to jump her outside, the attorneys wrote.

Mixon also heard Molitor “and/or” members of her party use racial slurs in referring to him, his attorneys wrote.

Mixon “states he turned and attempted to leave the discussion and restaurant, but … just as he did so, plaintiff lunged toward him and shoved him in the chest,” his attorneys wrote.

Mixon “states that he then made an aggressive gesture toward Plaintiff in response and verbally warned her to leave him alone.”

He states that she then placed her left hand on his chest and, with her right hand, struck him in the face, the attorneys wrote.

Mixon admitted that he then struck Molitor in the face.

In her lawsuit, Molitor states she and Mixon had a heated and animated discussion outside the cafe. She states Mixon initiated another discussion after he approached her and her friend inside the cafe. She states she was punched when she pushed him away from the table in an effort to end the discussion.

Her attorneys last week said in a news release any narrative that Molitor “spit on, punched and hurled racial slurs at a cornered man” is false. Her attorneys also dispute that Molitor was motioning to Mixon inside the cafe, saying Friday she actually was motioning to people at tables in front of her and to her left.

Molitor suffered fractured bones in her face. Mixon was suspended from the football team for a season and charged with a misdemeanor — acts resulting in gross injury.

Under a plea deal, he was put on probation for a year. He also was required to complete 100 hours of community service and undergo cognitive behavior counseling.

Mixon turned 18 on July 24, 2014, and was celebrating with teammates. The second surveillance video shows players Michiah Quick, Daniel Brooks and David Smith at the cafe.

Quick and Brooks leave at the same time as Mixon. Smith stays.

Quick, a cornerback, is no longer with the team because of rule violations. Brooks, a tailback, is no longer playing because of concussions. Smith, a tailback, transferred to Jacksonville State in 2015.

Amelia Molitor now knows why we say, “Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.” She probably thought her blonde good looks would protect her from the feral savages.

She was wrong.

Let this be a lesson.

She was hanging out with the scummiest lowlifes on the face of the earth. She probably worships the Negro gods, or at least did.

She’s lucky she’s not dead.

25 thoughts on “BREAKING: Court Releases Video of OK Running Back Joe Mixon Viciously Punching Out Blonde Female Student

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  2. The clock says 2.40 a.m. Why are none of these young people home in bed?

    All (most) males know if you push another male like that he is legally entitled to punch you in the face. Women, though, think they can do that and suffer no consequences. The nigger used force more then justified but I doubt any court would convict him, because she started the physical action. She was doubly dumb because he is much bigger and stronger than she is. Most men know not to pick a fight in this situation, excepting whine drunk to “hero” level. Probably she was drunk but this is hard to tell from the video. The Coon may also have been drunk. Maybe he grabbed her off camera in an inappropriate way, Muslim style. The punch and fall damaged her, she may have sufffered some permanent brain damage. These days, this would be hard to tell.

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  4. I must disagree with your conclusion on this one Robert, which is something I haven’t done with your opinions before.

    The nigger came In and made a beeline directly to her table. He stood there glaringly and semi-aggressive in his stance. Whether he said anything then we do not know. Whether the young blond girl said anything either is not clear, but she likely rightly interpreted his action as an unwarranted physical intrusion into her private space. There is no reasonable person who would view the nigger as being reacting in mere self defense because of his conduct in renewing ended arguments and aggressively entering into her space without invitation.

    Reasonable White men should set this situation straight rather than try to pretend that the girl deserved this. A black who lays hands on a White and gets by with it, unless it is clearly self-defense, is merely a beacon to all other niggers to find their own reasons to attack more Whites. There is already too damned much of that, regardless of what the jew MSM tries to (AND actually DOES) hide. We Whites don’t want “equality”, we want things right.

    • I kinda agree with you here.
      Looking at the video, she seems to be running away from him before entering the building and she was using a pretty anxious or irritated posture.
      Most likely something happened before and then he just couldn’t let it go and harassed her.
      Though she does more than just pushing him, if you notice she also slaps him.
      The response was a typical nigger one though, most likely before entering the building (because he doesn’t leave her alone) and after entering it.

    • First things first. That wasn’t her table. Secondly, she should have never put her hands on him. I don’t feel like he should have hit her that hard, but she needs to learn to keep her hands to herself.

  5. Low impulse control, lack of future time orientation and every other black trait brought him to court. There was no need to go from a girl pushing you and attempting a drunken slap to you delivering what could have been a fatal punch. There were plenty of alternatives he could have tried but his negro mind lacked imagination. He will get off with it because the school will defend him as he’s on the football team and he’s black, another plus in today’s society, also he will be given the benefit of the doubt because he is an inferior in the eyes of the SJW and needs their help. I know this is racist and they call us racists but they can’t spell irony much less know what it means. IMO the coon should be punished severely and made an example of so as to stop other negroes from hitting white women.

      • Not so much. Any lynching is generally a good one, But this comes back to the same old question: Why are White folk allowing their good looking daughters to spend any time with negroes? Is Jewish Black Majick that good that they all look down on that big stick that they cannot think otherwise but stuff it in one of their holes? Has the Jewish Porn Industry confused our girls this much that they fantasize about their own empty doom? Looks like their winning. And stupid cunts are stupid does,,,,

  6. This is a no-brainer and colour doesn’t come into it.
    Every male knows that women can get a little crazy at times – sometimes rightly, sometimes not. It was a slap, no weapon, no sustained attack. The big tough guy football player would get more pain at every training session. He could have walked away.
    But no – because he was ‘disrespected’.

    I hope he goes to jail for a long time

  7. COMON WHITTIE lets show them how the KNOCK OUT GAME is really PLAYED in the STREETS!
    The RACIST SCUM in the white hose has had his TIME now it’s OVER!

    • We don’t disagree very often, but I’m not with you on that. Guys are tough. If a girl pushes or tries to slap, we have to take it because it’s part of our traditional role as knights. Women get hysterical and do stupid stuff. It’s a different matter if the woman is a beast and bigger than a man and is becoming abusively violent. Then minimum force needed to deal with the situation is appropriate.

      • That’s because you haven’t seen all that much of the world. Women egg that shit, hit men etc etc all because they can be relatively certain there are no repercussions

        Women wanted to be equal, equal pay, competitors etc. Let them pay the price for their actions.

        The sooner they do, the sooner they will be an asset vs a liability

  8. Decent people don’t refer to others in such insulting terms. Read factual books, think for yourself and don’t accept racist as so-called friends. Black people don’t hate white people. Black people hate the racist and genocidal policies white people invent and practice.

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