New Twist: Revisiting the Negro Imbecile Who Faked A Hate Crime by Setting Fire to GF’s Car

You may remember this December 13 post on Saboteur365. It told the story on a Negroid imbecile named Vincent Palmer who faked a hate crime to cover up for his setting his girlfriend’s car on fire in order to avoid child support payments.

These hoax hate crimes that blame Trump supporters are a dime a dozen now.

Thanks to the in-depth reporting that the Daily Mail often does on black crime stories, there’s a twist to the case that I admit I did not see coming.

Daily Mail

A Florida man was arrested twice over the weekend following a bizarre string of incidents that could have potentially put the life of his ex and their four children at risk.

Vincent Palmer III, 27, placed a note with the words ‘KKK’ and ‘Trump’ as well as a slew of racial slurs that were directed at his own children on the mailbox of his ex-girlfriend before smashing a brick through the window of her car and setting the vehicle on fire in the early morning hours of Saturday.

He then fled, but returned when his ex, Staci Winn, 35, called him to say what had happened to her car.

Police on the scene then arrested Palmer when they noticed he was acting suspicious and learned there was a warrant out for his arrest over failure to pay child support.

He was released on Sunday, and at that point scrawled a bloody note with more racial slurs claiming that he had been kidnapped, which he left for his grandparents.

His grandfather called authorities to alert them to the note and soon after the officers who had arrested Palmer one day prior eventually found him at a nearby Burger King in Ormond Beach.
At that point Palmer admitted to setting the fire, writing the note and faking his own kidnapping.

He said that he did because the couple had been arguing about the custody of their four boys, who are all under the age of five.

The car that the Dindu set fire to is pictured above.

Now, can you guess the interesting twist to this story? Rather than tell you what it is, if you’re viewing this post from the homepage, you’ll have to click on the “continue reading” button to SEE the surprise.

The shocking surprise is the girlfriend is a blue-eyed white female mudshark.

Haha. A single mother with a passle of Negroid sprogs to raise on the taxpayer dime. Her tubes should have been tied years ago.


The comments at the Daily Mail are not explicitly racial, but they are still amusing. Sample: Human filth at its finest.

Correction: Palmer is subhuman.

3 thoughts on “New Twist: Revisiting the Negro Imbecile Who Faked A Hate Crime by Setting Fire to GF’s Car

  1. Gotta love Coons. Only five turd coloured kids under five years of age? There won’t be any more for a few years. His plan will work. He will make no child support payments while he is in jail.
    Probably all KKK members can spell better than that note.
    There was a nigger in the woodpile.
    Now, society is more like a white in the black woodpile the way things are going, breeding wise.

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