New Star Wars Film has NO WHITE MALES Except for the Villains

(((Hollywood’s))) hatred of the white male becomes ever more explicit and impossible for the Jews who run the rat hole to deny.

There is a white boycott of this movie in the works.

American Thinker

As a big Star Wars fan, I was excited to learn about the upcoming film, Rogue One. It’s a war film, involving the exciting mission to steal the plans to the Death Star (the first Death Star, not the second or the third one).

But as more details came out, I was saddened to learn that there was no one in the film who looks like me. Not a single white male among any of the numerous protagonists.

The main protagonist of Rogue One is a very thin woman named Jyn Erso whose weight looks to be only in double digits, even though she effortlessly beats men twice her size. But as a man of white color, I could not relate to a female protagonist, even a “sista” of similar hue.

Then I looked at the rest of the cast list. So many protagonists! There has to be one who looks just like me, right?

Wrong! Jyn’s love interest is a Hispanic alien named Cassian Andor. He’s of a different race, so naturally I can’t relate to him. One of Jyn’s supporting rebels is an Asian alien named Chirrut Imwe. Forest Whittaker plays a black alien named Saw Gerrera. Riz Ahmed plays an Arab alien named Bodhi Rook. And Alan Tudyk stars as a character called “K-2S0.” Tudyk is a man of white color, just like me! For a moment, my heart soared. And then I learned that Tudyk was used only as a voice actor, to play the role of a black robot. Even the robots in this movie aren’t white!

The only place in this movie to find a white man is in the villain who is building the Death Star, Orson Krennic, or the ethically confused father of Jyn, who designed the Death Star. That’s some choice!

What this movie is doing is telling young men of white color that the only role open to them is that of villain. What a terrible message! Imagine all the young boys of white color flocking to see this film and then leaving, disappointed to find out that they have no positive role models. Is this really 2016?

When major cultural phenomena, like Star Wars films, neglect men of white color, they are showing that they don’t value diversity in the community. They are saying people from the whole spectrum of white color, whether they be ivory-colored, cottage cheese-colored, or white copy paper-colored, have no place in our polyglot melting-pot society. It’s a very hurtful message and one of the least likely I would expect from Disney.

Wired claims you’re a white supremacist if you object to being demeaned, degraded, and humiliated by Hollywood.

Yes, in response to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s diverse cast and female lead, the alt-right is boycotting the movie, spending the last month tweeting #DumpStarWars and encouraging their followers to skip the film when it opens this weekend.

When you ask prominent alt-right mouthpieces why they’re boycotting, they say the Star Wars franchise has become too politicized, and even explictly anti-Trump. The former might be true in a general sense—if you consider Rogue One’s writers and cast speaking out against white supremacy and hate as “politicized”—but by taking those criticisms as personal attacks, the alt-right is literally aligning itself with the Dark Side. More importantly, they’re doing it in a way that allows the alt-right to cast themselves as the oppressed rather than the would-be oppressors. It’s a lesson they learned from the grandaddy of all American white supremacist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic groups: the Ku Klux Klan.

Hell, where are my white robes again? I keep losing them.

I would boycott the movie except I don’t go to the movies. (((They))) get none of my money to begin with.

Haha. When the left has no real answer to their bullsh*t they just throw out insults.

16 thoughts on “New Star Wars Film has NO WHITE MALES Except for the Villains

  1. What the writer of this article is saying rings true to me. You really do relate best to people that look like yourself. As an example, starting from as far back as my teenage years (and that was when I believed the “we’re all alike nonsense”), I have never been able to identify with black fashion models. No matter how nice the outfit, if it was on a black model, I could not picture myself wearing it. Only what white models wore interested me. So I guess that makes me a racist.

    BTW, I haven’t bought a fashion magazine in decades. It’s all garbage now

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  3. When they use their usual derogatory replies such as “white supremacist” (even though they haven’t heard you speak). They’re telling you they are screwed for an answer. You’ve won the argument.

    Don’t just boycott the Movie. Boycott the theater for a month afterwards.

    And all the goods that turn up in the shops afterwards.

  4. I have not been to a movie in years. Here is my film critic review of this movie: F*ck this Jew tripe. I think that pretty well sums up this and all Hollyjew entertainment. BTW, if you want to entertain yourself, there are tons of movies, TV shows, etc. on Jewtube. You can watch for free unless you want to pay for some movies, but most movies and older TV shows show up on it at some point and again for free. Do your small part to sabotage the Jew Matrix by denying these Jew c*nts your shekels.

  5. Rogue One’s writers and cast speaking out against white supremacy and hate as “politicized”

    And jew jew abrams stating that there are too many white people and not enough diversity, while putting tons of jews in the movie, might not look that nice to anyone who has any idea about what’s going on.

  6. Being marginalized is normal fare for the VAST MAJORITY of US white male tax paying citizens , we all know what’s up for many years now and we do nothing BUT WE DO VOTE.

  7. Star Wars to me has always been about glorifying war, mass murder and destruction. People in uniform are baddies and the rag tag civilians, criminals and misfits are the goodies, who always are faster to kill than their uniformed opponents. The uniformed ones are of course Nazis, probably Germans in spacesuits.

    (((Gene Roddenberry))) had a more optimistic view for the future with his Star Trek idea.

    “The only place in this movie to find a white man is in the villain who is building the Death Star”.
    I hope he watches out for those tiny vents where a spaceship the size of the earth can be blown up by one fool in a spaceship smaller than a fighter jet. Also unlike Star Trek his Death Star lacks a force field to prevent insect sized rocket ships from blowing up the Death Star.

    I hope there is a mad scientist building a death star to kill billions of humans, or, much better, just all the black people. If AIDS was a man made “Death Star” this was a huge step in the right direction. Blacks, homosexuals and drug addicts largely wiped out, a marvelous peace of work, deserving of a Nobel Prize for Peace. Nature is rarely that clever.

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  9. Slightly off topic. In Star Trek, the three leading male characters all had Scottish names, Kirk, Scottie and McCoy. McCoy might be Irish, or Scottish.
    The leading non human had a Jewish name! Spock.

    Slightly more off topic – if Chernobyl and Fukushima had Scottish engineers and architects, those meltdowns never would have happened.

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