Ignant Niggaz Arrested For Drugs & Gun Possession After Drive By Mannequin Challenge Goes Viral!

Watch Tommy Sotomayor use the words “Negro” and “Nigger” to describe his kinsmen. You have to like a Nigga that throws down on his own people harder than white people do.

Come on, liberal white dummies. Be like Tommy Sotomayor, who advocates that whites turn “Niggers” in to the cops.

8 thoughts on “Ignant Niggaz Arrested For Drugs & Gun Possession After Drive By Mannequin Challenge Goes Viral!

  1. Only difference between this niggro and the rest is that he has a show and has managed to stay out of jail for a number of years. He speaks like them, apart from the odd word he’s picked up from the white man (pugilist), he act’s like them, the only real difference is that he’s crispier looking than the majority. He takes the piss out of his people but deep down he’s a black supremacist as was seen when he had his time with the drunken peasants. When all is said and done he’s just a nigger.

      • Well I don’t know this particular moon cricket but I don’t trust any of them and none are pro-White

        He’s the type of moon cricket the so called conservatives like to point to and wail about how they aren’t racist etc. Fact is you can trust negros like the nation of islam one because they are up front in their hate

  2. He has the same name as (one of the Gang Of Four) a Jewish judge on the Supremacist Court. She is said to be an Hispanic brought up in Brooklyn. Bro Nate tells me she is a Sephardic Jew. Obama appointed only Jews or their Running Dogs as Justices of this Kangaroo Court.
    So, it is interesting that this black man has the same name. The edges of his video are annoying, constant movement like so many garbage MSM sites e.g. CNBC. I was only able to watch five minutes or so. He pads out a five minute story – max – to 14 minutes.
    I liked the way he named the Negro single mothers and their badly brought up little shits as being at fault. Maybe the deadbeat negro dads also deserve a caning?
    Maybe all nigger penises, or just testicles, should be removed by the State, ASAP? Start with all felony inmates. “Free compulsory vasectomies for all people darker than brown boot polish”. This would also stop the white mudsharks from creating niglets. Deballed men are a lot less violent and they stop raping and murdering. This would make the USA a much safer country.

    Either whites must have a lot more babies, or blacks must have a lot less, or preferably, both. This result must be achieved by any means necessary – or else the white race and diversity are both doomed. End all aid of any kind for Africa and end all exports of African humans.

    There will never be any Starships built if whites disappear.

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