Afghan Scum Who Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Had Previously Been in Prison for THROWING A WOMAN OFF A CLIFF

Death penalty! Justice demands it.

A teenage refugee accused of raping and drowning the daughter of a German diplomat previously tried to kill a woman by pushing her off a cliff, it emerged.

Hussein Khavari, 17, is being held in custody over the death of Maria Ladenburger, 19, who volunteered at a refugee home in Freiburg.


She was cycling home after a party in October when somebody ambushed her and dragged her off her bike.

Police say DNA links Khavari to Maria’s death two months ago. It isn’t known if the two knew each other.

A German magazine reported that Khavari, currently the main suspect, was previously sentenced to 10 years in prison for attempted murder after he threw a woman off a cliff in Corfu in May 2013.

He was released after just two years by Greek authorities, Stern reported.

‘Why the Greek justice system early on let him out of jail, if he pushed her off, is thus far unclear,’ the magazine said.

The victim, a history student, fell 25 feet down the cliff and only survived because she knew how to protect her head from her hobby of mountaineering.

She said she had been walking home when Khavari suddenly appeared in front of her: ‘I gave him my purse. But when the headlights of a car him he pushed me backwards.’

Speaking to the Greek TV channel Alfa in 2014 she went on: ‘Then he grabbed me at the hips and legs, lifted me up and threw me down the cliff.’

Khavani arrived in Germany as unaccompanied minor.

After Bild newspaper showed a recent photograph of him to his lawyer in the Greek trial, Maria-Eleni Nikolopoulou, she told them: ‘This is the same person, definitely. I’m speechless.’

Khavani is no minor. When in Greece pushing women off cliffs he claimed to be 17. That was three or more years ago. He’s the miracle Muslim who never ages.

These “children” that Germany took in thanks to Evil Merkel are a menance. Deport them or kill them. Frankly, Germany, it’s your call. What you can’t do is try to assimilate them. They’ll slit your throats as you sleep.

9 thoughts on “Afghan Scum Who Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Had Previously Been in Prison for THROWING A WOMAN OFF A CLIFF

  1. I have no empathy/sympathy for adult Caucasians (of any ethnicity) who are victimized or killed by mudmen. They choose to live asleep and in darkness even in the face of facts and reality.. Let them reap the consequences.

  2. Teenage bullshit. They are all lying so they won’t get too harshly punished for their crimes. How the fuck do they just believe that bullshit. It’s just preposterous to me that the local population has less rights than these scumbags.

    And Truth-hammer, if they are liberal i agree, otherwise i don’t. Because there are plenty of people who would like to do something, but when the govt and police are against you and keep kissing muzzie ass and if you ever speak against them you might get jailed, what exactly do you want them to do about it?

  3. If all Afghans were pushed off a cliff today the world would be a batter place, Greece should have deported him to Afghanistan, or if not, kept him in jail till he was “27”, ten years after the attempted murder.

    Surely modern forensics can date a living person to within a few months of their actual age? That killer even seems to have a receding hairline, something which would almost never start at age 17. My guess he is about 30 to 35 years of age.

    The West is a disgrace. Greece is a disgrace, Germany is led by a criminal worse than Hitler, who deported aliens not invite them in like Merkelstein. USA must take a lot of the blame for their “War on Arabs Who Want To Live In Arab Countries”. The result is terror for whites everywhere ion the world.

    “Immigration” today is more horrific in reality than a John Wyndham novel. We are heading in to a dystopian future from a Jew caused present.

  4. That jewess received what her jew father deserved for pushing to have invaders come into White countries to do the work against Whites that is too dangerous for the jews to do. The jews and their Freemason politicians won’t stop. They are willing to sacrifice their own in order to bring White societies and nations down.
    2 young women, age 21 and 22, suffer sex attacks by “migrants” in Germany

    “…the reply of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Oldenburg.

    During their investigation, they wrote to the victims: “It is quite conceivable that the young men just wanted to show in this way they were interested in you.”

  5. Read the – ‘Coudenhove-Kalegri Plan’. On line.

    In EU, everything is going according to plan.
    Can’t blame Merkel, nor the other witches in West Europe. Females are easy to manipulate, they take the safe and easy way and always run away.
    It’s the men who do the fighting; the brute, physical work and are expected to face the enemy.
    The Western EU males have been feminized and brain-washed with Jew lies.
    For all the drivel @ Germany being such a blut und boden, mighty culture of Euro, in reality it has always been a collection of bullies who become arrogant, and then have their snouts beaten back. There-after, they whine @ being bullied and victimized.
    There seems to be some sort of attraction between Germans and Jews. And Germans behave like Jews where ever they go.
    A male leader is needed for Germans to rebel. The Jews have these by their short and curlies. There is no man able to stand up, and the people are malingerers, and MSM is controlled by Jews.
    Germans fighting for their lives will inspire insurrection throughout Western Europe, otherwise a slow and inevitable garroting is on the agenda. [Will they be circumcised before or after?]
    I sincerely hope the Slavics, who despise the Germans and Jews, don’t succumb to the spill-over of blacks when the pressure in Perfect Nordic Lands gets too great. Too great even for the Muz filth. But, then, the blacks are despised, also.

  6. Thats what you get for bringing in low IQ 3rd World trash, not only that but thats what you get for following the neo feminist womens right narrative and raising german whores like Maria ladenburger, german girls are swine and whores, what do you think they do up on a party sucking ten dicks off turks or going around their holidays getting fucked left and right.. so is this ugly afghan rat. not sympathy for either one of this filth.wait until berlin gets repeated said the fellow comrade.

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