Six States That Will Collapse During the Next Recession


Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

Right now, the biggest risks for a bankruptcy or collapse is in the these states, based upon the ratio between what Baldwin terms “makers” and “takers.” Basically, the socialist state is enveloping all prosperity:

• New Mexico – 148 dependents per private sector worker

• West Virginia – 116 dependents per private sector worker

• California – 114 dependents per private sector worker

• Mississippi – 111 dependents per private sector worker

• New York – 108 dependents per private sector worker

• Arkansas – 103 dependents per private sector worker

Detroit and Chicago top the lists of cities who wouldn’t be healthy in the ratio of makers/takers either, and would crumble in a debt crunch.

There’s an issue of race that the author is avoiding. States with heavy concentrations of nonwhites are being bled to death. It’s not socialism, as he claims, but the pandering to nonwhites by politicians.

Once things go downhill, violence, crime, looting, riots and the like become chronic problems. The police state presence is also an issue, and society goes on edge.

Everyone can feel the sinking depths, and order is about to implode. When things go primal, you do not want to be around to get caught up in it.

Being inside a major city on the day that the ATMs stop spitting out cash, or EBT cards don’t work will be an incredibly dangerous day. Relying upon government bureaucracy and functioning technology to meet your vital needs is a good position to be in during an emergency situation – be it economic crisis, hurricane, power grid failure or something else.

The article goes on to give general advice on how to stay safe from the zombies that will be roaming the cities after the collapse.

3 thoughts on “Six States That Will Collapse During the Next Recession

  1. The game will continue until foreigners refuse to accept bum US banknotes – which is all of them. They are created by fraud via the Fed. The money is not genuine, it is counterfeit and has no backing whatsoever except the mightiest military machine the world has ever seen. Also paid for by these bum banknotes.

    While the Ponzi scheme continues it would not matter if only one person in all of California worked at a private job and paid taxes. Counterfeit money can pay all the bills, all the panhandlers and all the Govt workers and military contractors – also panhandlers.

    Australia is living in a black rapefugee/Chink invader based property boom, as hard as that sounds to believe. 200,000 minimum new legal arrivals each year mean massive housing needs and lots of jobs. It does not matter if any of the bums earn any money at all at private industry jobs, the Reserve Bank can print it all just as the Fed does. When immigration stops in Australia, e.g. goes to zero per year, the entire property market will crash, hugely. Then, young people can once again afford to buy a house.

    Immigration is a scam to make a few politicians and people in the property and building industries rich. Food suppliers too, all those bums have to eat, whether they work or not. Paradise found, the laws of economics no longer apply in the West.

    Strong currencies are the new slave masters, no production of any kind is required except shiny banknotes in that strong currency. Weak currency residents are the new slaves – they must bust their guts making bananas, cocoa, coffee or whatever (clothing, shipbreaking etc) or they will starve. How come economists can not see the truth of this paragraph? Is it because they live in the slave master countries where no work is required? For example, economics is a bullshit profession, like gender studies. Both produce hot wind only.

    • This comment deserves a better reply than I can give it. I’ll reply anyway with a deficient reply.

      First, the Australian real estate market is something I see on Oz websites. It’s like the LA, SF, and some other US markets where government failure has resulted in affordability issues. I look forward to a crash.

      Second, one of my amoral economics profs, John Rutledge, used to gloat: “We print green pieces of paper, they give us good stuff. Nothing wrong with that.” He is not a Jew, but a globalist who has spent his career touting China. He left education to start an investment company.

      Third, the San Antonio economy is based on more and more population creating more and more demand for more construction–new roads, sewers, stores, houses, etc. I’m not sure that this place actually creates anything of value, yet for 30 years at least it’s passed up the places that do actually make things, such as factories in Alabama.

      Fourth, people want predictions. My fellow economics professors spewed out predictions and earned lots of money doing so. I have no predictions to make that would make people happy, so I didn’t earn any money that way. Mostly, economists just predict the trend. Shallow predictions like “The stock market is setting new highs and will continue to do so as long as the Fed doesn’t take away the punchbowl by raising rates too much.”

      The profession is corrupt. Austrian economics seems to have a firmer grasp on reality than most other economic schools. Mises was a Jew, however.

  2. Just before the Glorious Leader takes office, the Juden who infest our gov’t and make policy, especially the Federal Reserve, will take measures to sink our economy so he gets the blame. It is a very real danger. Trump’s election was only the first baby-step, and until he gets ramped up, we need to be ready for what the post describes. Darker states. That is a good pun.

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