“Muh Dik” Gone Wild: NJ State Trooper Charged with Pulling Women Over to Ask for Dates

If convicted, Marquice Prather’s dik will be joining the rest of him in prison for up to five years.


TRENTON — A New Jersey state trooper has been suspended without pay after an internal investigation found he was pulling over women to ask them out on dates and falsifying police records to cover it up, authorities said.

Marquice Prather, 37, was arrested Friday on records tampering charges and released without bail, according to the state Division of Criminal Justice, which brought the charges.

Officials say the State Police Office of Professional Standards began investigating the trooper after several women lodged complaints about his behavior on the road.

The investigation found “a pattern of pulling over young women between the ages of 20 and 35 and soliciting them to go on a date with him or give him their phone numbers,” authorities said in a statement announcing his arrest.

Prather is accused of turning off his wireless microphone during his encounters with the women and falsely reporting that it had malfunctioned. He is also accused of lying about the gender of motorists he pulled over in State Police computer logs to hide the fact he was targeting young women.

In addition to the women who came forward to lodge complaints, state authorities say they identified others during the course of their investigation who had been pulled over by Prather and “gave statements outlining similar alleged conduct.”

How did such a sexy dude get to be a LEO?

Wait! I know the answer.

Affirmative action.

This post will be updated with a photo of Marquice if one becomes available.

For the record, he’s pleading not guilty.

nigger head

4 thoughts on ““Muh Dik” Gone Wild: NJ State Trooper Charged with Pulling Women Over to Ask for Dates

  1. Ain’t just the black cops although my direct experience is rather dated and from pretty much all white departments so I am sure the black cops are much more out of hand with it than the white ones.

    I used to install routers for a State LEO database and information system and let me tell you running information on attractive women who drive by is the main activity cops participate in. I would take their system down and within a minute or two the cops would start complaining. I could hear them over the dispatcher radios because usually the routers were in the dispatcher’s office. When I brought the system back up I got to see all the requests as they came down out of the que….. yep 90% of them were attractive women between 18 and 35 and the few that weren’t I am pretty sure were driving their boyfriends cars and the cops only ran the license plate.

    Honestly it was that experience that soured me completely on cops. I visited many departments across the state and they were all the same.

    • Professors do this all time too. The university data systems have the info on coeds and at least some schools allow profs to access it. One of my colleagues bought the Texas driver’s license database to look up coeds when the school made it tougher to look them up any other way.

  2. I am a man, yet things like this teach me that men are pretty sleazy. This must have been going on for thousands of years, even before iPhones were invented, or Cops.
    One theory I have is that Catholic Priests have been buggering boys for about two thousands years. In the old days they Rogered a lot of women too, including nuns, many of whom became pregnant.
    The moral of the story, if there is one, is that people in authority like Cops must have careful supervision. How come feminists are blind to all these macho goings on?

    We have read of those cases where the cop corruptly demands sex in exchange for not issuing a ticket. Management – you know, that wise but assertive black Police Captain I see in the movies – could easily find who was doing this due to the lack of tickets issued to young women.

    More use of radar might reduce this. In NSW Australia all police cars have cameras pointing both ways. Anybody unregistered or unlicensed is issued with huge fines of $1000 and above – and no discretion to issue warnings. The computer already knows. The cop could claim the young hornbag got away, he was wedged in traffic, hence no ticket. They would know his car was stationary for several minutes at that location.
    USA seems to lag with the use of technology and relies on good old fashioned corruption to get things done. Though the article shows that some times the good guys win.

  3. No need to post a photo of the spook. The cartoon caricature in the post pretty well covers it. That and the name Marquice.

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