Horned Monsters and Fire: How the Washington Elites Celebrate Christmas with Krampus

You want more evidence that the Washington power elites are sick degenerates to the core? You got it.

Commentary after the story and photos.

Excerpt from the DCist

Grimacing monsters with long twisted horns and rattling chains, tearful children, lots of artfully swirling fire—D.C.’s Krampusnacht is not a typical Christmas celebration, but it just might be the most fun.


Now in its fifth year, D.C.’s annual Krampusnacht (Krampus Night) not only lets residents get weird but also does good, serving as the largest fundraiser for a local charity Santa’s Cause DC which buys school supplies and presents for foster kids.

“It started off with us watching videos from the European Krampuslaufs [Krampus runs] and realizing that with the group we had and our love of costuming and this kind of stuff, that we wanted to try to do something here,” says Michael Clay, one of the original Krampusnacht organizers. “We paired with Santa’s Cause because we thought ‘let’s see how it goes and at least we’re doing something for good as well as fun.'”

Rooted in Austro-Bavarian Alpine legend, Krampus is a sinister companion of Saint Nicholas. Rather than rewarding nice children with gifts, the dark horned figure described as half goat, half man punishes the naughty ones.

“We all know the story of kids getting coal in their stockings and I mean if coal is the worst you can get, like, really? I think the Barvarian cultures had it right in that you should be a little scared. But Krampus wasn’t about just being a punisher, he was also this reference point of ‘you’ve been bad, but you can still do good,'” Clay said. “I don’t really think Krampus is this evil thing, he’s more of a balancing force for the good.”

In doing my research for this post, I was shocked to find this video, showing Krampus Night in Indiana, an allegedly conservative, Christian state. It looks like a gay pride parade with hula hoops.

There’s also this Krampus night video from an alpine area of Austria, which is truly Satanic:

It’s clear that Krampus celebrations are aimed at working on the weak-minded American in order to normalize Satanic activity.

At least nine cities in North America hold Krampus celebrations. The number has been growing. Krampus parties, TV shows, comic books, and even a movie have made their appearance in the United States.

Dressing up as a Satanic figure may seem harmless enough, but the Catholic church banned this pagan celebration for a reason. If you believe that demons are real, then you’re opening yourself up to demon possession. If you don’t believe in demons, then surely you would agree that in the act of dressing like a demon, you open your mind to acting like one.

The exploding popularity of Krampus is another canary singing his heart out in the coal mine. Instead of progressing to higher, more rational levels of thought, or progressing along a higher spiritual path, we are regressing, going backward.

Krampus tortures and eats children. With all manner of perversion already normalized, is it possible that we are being set up to normalize child sacrifice and the eating of children?

Links to more information about Krampus Night:

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Krampus movie trailer:

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Henry Makow writes about Christmas hating and the rise of Krampus

12 thoughts on “Horned Monsters and Fire: How the Washington Elites Celebrate Christmas with Krampus

  1. A reminder of the Devil is a feature of old time religion. Taking it out was the first mistake.
    Bringing him back, out of context is probably by design.
    He’s meant to be feared, not worshipped.

  2. You lost some credibilty with this article. Krampus is good: he punishes misbehaving children, while Santa Claus makes kids greedy little brats. And the Catholic church is not an authority for anything. It is a sick joke, just like their pope.

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