French Women Fight Back Against Muzzie Scum


In the war for the soul of France and the entire West, the left prefers Muslims, with their hatred of women and homosexuals, over their supposed support for tolerance and inclusion.

It’s always struck me as odd that feminists support the Muslim invasion until you realize that (((feminists))) are enemies of women.

Marine Le Pen, whatever her strengths and weaknesses, would surely do a better job of supporting Western values than the current regime in France.

Excerpt from

FRENCH women have launched a fightback to reclaim areas of the country turned into no go zones by Muslim men as a shocking report lays bare the state of social segregation caused by mass migration.

A women’s rights campaign group is organising marches and protests in a bid to retake streets in predominantly Islamic neighbourhoods which they say have become entirely male dominated.

La Brigade des Mères, which is aiming to restore gender equality in France’s troubled ‘banlieues’, says women in many communities are now too scared to go out because gangs of young men rule the streets.

And a shocking undercover report, compiled by the TV channel France 2, shows how women are not welcome in bars and cafes in Muslim majority areas, with many men openly hostile to their presence in public at all.

Pascale Boistard, the women’s rights minister, declared: “There are now areas in our country where women can no longer go.”

The disturbing revelations come at a politically sensitive time for France, which will hold presidential elections in March in which far-right leader Marine Le Pen is expected to perform well.

Attitudes towards immigration have hardened in the country following the devastating terror attacks in Paris and Nice, with the Front National poised to capitalise on people’s fears about the erosion of French identity.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, the niece of party leader Marine, immediately pounced on the reports as evidence that the Republic’s fiercely guarded secularism is being supplanted by Sharia law.

For the report two brave women from La Brigade des Mères wore button-hole cameras and headed alone into the Muslim majority Paris suburb of Sevran, which was at the centre of the French capital’s 2005 race riots.

Nadia Remand and Aliza Sayah visited the streets and cafes of the notorious banlieue to build up a picture of how welcome women were in its public spaces.

As soon as they entered one bar, which was filled entirely with young men, the owner approached them and asked what they were doing there, and if they were waiting for a man.

When the women said that they were, he advised them: “It’s better to wait outside. There are men in here.”

When the pair countered that it was perfectly normal for women and men to be in a bar together another young man spotted them, and shouted incredulously: “There are men in here!”

The women then asked him why he thought their presence was unusual, suggesting that he would perhaps go out for a coffee with a female friend or cousin, to which he replied: “My cousin stays at home.”

He continued: “In this cafe there is no mixing. You are in Sevran, you’re not in Paris. It’s a different mentality.”

The man insisted the Paris suburb was like the “bled” – A French slang term for a person’s home country which is frequently used by Muslim migrants from north Africa.

Following the exchange the two women said that the government’s decision to bring in imams to quell the religious tensions which led to the 2005 riots had led to a more hardline version of Islam taking hold.

The truly French woman who has repeatedly butt heads with the French government’s pro-Muslim policies has been Brigitte Bardot. She’s been on trial five times for criticizing Muslims. France owes her an apology and the return of all the money she’s paid in fines.


2 thoughts on “French Women Fight Back Against Muzzie Scum

  1. Maybe some Muslim ideas are good ones. It was not long ago that single females without a man were banned from puiblic bars and saloon bars in pubs and hotels in Western countries in USA, UK and Australia, at least. They could only use the Lounge Bar. The sleazeball men that frequented these areas hoping to score a free root (bang, shag, Rogering, giving a length etc) became known as “Lounge Lizards”. Even today Public Bars are working class “blokey” with cheaper beer and lots of horse racing etc on TV, anything to do with gambling. When smoking was allowed indoors these rooms were wall to wall fog of smoke. To be fair most women do not want to meet these guys.

    As I see it these two French women are feminists so I am not supportive of their wish to invade male domains. In the West male domains have all but disappeared. Maybe that is why some males go to watch stupid games in freezing weather, like niggers running around with a ball – just so they can be with their male friends.

    When the Muzzies take over the West white men will not suffer much, the women will be back in the kitchen, out of a job, and they will hate it. Ironically white men vote for Trump to stop this future and white women vote for Sharia law.

    • My position shifts depending on who the target is. When women target Muslims, I’m for the women.

      In New Orleans, bars allowed women in even when I was a kid. I learned about so-called B-drinkers at a young age. B-drinkers were women who lured men into buying them drinks. The bar owners would give them a cut of the revenue for their efforts.

      Today, in Texas, the big bars advertise “Ladies drink free.” Same idea. Get the men into the bars where they spend money. I think the free drinks for ladies are watered down and limited to certain drinks.

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