David Duke: The MSM Hates America–Aleppo Falls to Syrian Government as Russia Blamed for Mass Murder

As noted in the responses to this Tweet, the MSM are Jews. Which wouldn’t surprise David Duke.

The Duke’s Tweet came in response to this truth about Aleppo that the MSM prefers to cover up:

The objective is to justify World War III with Russia, as noted by Micro:

Here’s the bad news for Obama and the neocons.

CBS News

BEIRUT – The Russian government said Tuesday that military action in eastern Aleppo has stopped and the Syrian government is now in control of the long-fought-over city.

Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said Tuesday near the end of an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council, saying “according to the latest information that we received in the last hour, military actions in eastern Aleppo are over.”

He said that as a result, “there is no issue of some cessation of hostilities, or some special humanitarian operation.” He added that “the Syrian government has re-established control over eastern Aleppo.”

Cease-fire deal reportedly reached in war-torn Aleppo
Churkin said earlier that “all militants” and members of their families, as well as those wounded in the fighting, “currently are going through agreed corridors in directions that they have chosen themselves voluntarily, including toward Idlib,” a rebel stronghold.

Rebels had said earlier Tuesday that they had reached an agreement with Russia for a cease-fire in Aleppo to evacuate remaining civilians and rebels from besieged districts, just as the U.N. released a report claiming civilians were being slaughtered by government and Russian forces converging on the city.

Retaking Aleppo is probably Syrian President Assad’s biggest victory yet in the 5-year-old civil war. Aleppo has long been regarded as a major gateway between Turkey and Syria.

Tweets sponsored by the American government are lies:

Here’s the truth:

Micro brings his wry sense of humor to the unfolding Middle Eastern drama. His Tweets may disappear from this post because he’s constantly being banned by Twitter. He ramps up with a new account within hours and gets back to work posting hundreds of Tweets each day.

Obama probably does not want World War 3, but the (((deep state))), led by John McCain and Lindsay Graham, does.

5 thoughts on “David Duke: The MSM Hates America–Aleppo Falls to Syrian Government as Russia Blamed for Mass Murder

  1. “the U.N. released a report claiming civilians were being slaughtered by government and Russian forces ”

    U.N. is the (((Uninvited Nations))) aka the Jew World Order (((JWO)))..
    U.N. is a cesspit of lies. That is why it is based in New York, where Soros lives.

  2. Can UN please blame USA for mass murders, since it started so many wars for no reason, killing hundreds of thousands or millions because of their unprovoked intervention?
    Honestly if there is one country in this world that deserves to be prosecuted for crimes of war, it’s the USA.

    • The USA is the only nation that has ever used weapons of mass destruction to kill mass civilian populations. Twice, in 1945. The guilty were never tried for war crimes.

      • You seem to not know about the bombing of dresden, where there were only civilians. Hundreds of thousands of germans died, civilians, because people from other cities gathered there.
        And i’m pretty sure there were other cities as well.
        If you’d count all the german civilians usa bombed the number would exceed those in hiroshima and nagasaki. And let’s not forget the fire bombing of tokyo.
        Usa bombed so many civilian cities, but they never went on trial for it.

  3. This Syria business is another insane situation from which the U.S. needs step away. We have no interests there. ISIS is not our problem. The only problem it presents to us is that we have millions of towel-heads in our country who are ISIS fellow-travelers. Our sh*thead politicians allowed these dune coons into the U.S. and created the problem. Russia does have a long relationship with Syria and defined interests, thus I have no issue with them being there.

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