Countdown to Christmas: Childhood Memories Album and More

The Goodyear Tire store would sell these special Christmas albums every year. This one is from 1965. Goodyear stores in those days sold a variety of general merchandise, as I recall. Or am I confusing them with Western Auto?

The ad below was probably a two page spread in Life magazine, which was published in a large format rarely seen today.


This short video describes Christmas traditions practiced by different families. Nice!

4 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: Childhood Memories Album and More

  1. I was born in the early 60’s, and seeing those ads make my heart hurt. I am furious that we let the Jews and our traitorous politicos poison our country/culture with niggers, spics, and third-world mystery-meat. I have a birthday card that is themed and illustrated with ads, facts, and pop culture from my birth-year. All of the illustrations look just like the ads in this post. Every so often, I take it out and look at it and pine for a return to just such an America.

  2. Very important pleasing, I’d say early 1960’s Good Year ad that warrants serious reflection on our previous culture. Where it says so much about traditional White Christian America represented by the family unit from infants to grandma and grandpa. Notice the children in the forefront of the photo. An elderly man talking to a youngster by the Santa. A Mother and daughter shopping together. Middle Aged man and wife with a dog. Even a dog is included. An elderly man signaling his wife through the store window. Notice the station wagon, an American symbol representing a large family.

    This was a time and before, when White males made enough money to support a family, when Whites thought enough of themselves to dress well even for grocery shopping. When a White teenager could get a job loading groceries into cars. When the Salvation Army used Santas rather than questionable looking bums. When the U.S. manufactured the best cars.

    This ad actually said, America is White Christian, Christmas is a big deal, the family unit is everything, White Christian families are successful. If you want to be accepted and successful in America, you must be White, Christian, and have a family.

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