$4 Billion Gift to Israel Grounded by Fog Same Day Trump Slammed “out of control” Costs

The Aviationist

The arrival of the first two F-35I “Adir” stealth jets in Israel was delayed because of heavy fog at Cameri airbase, the final stopover of the Lightning II aircraft on their way to Nevatim airbase, on Dec. 12.

The aircraft were initially scheduled to arrive in Israel at around 2.00PM LT but the aircraft could not depart from the Italian airbase experiencing bad weather conditions with a horizontal visibility between 250 and 700 m, with clouds at 200 feet, well below the IFR minimums for the ferry flight.

Although some immediately blamed the F-35 for the delay, it must be said that the same wx (weather) would have grounded any other modern warplane on delivery or not involved in an actual combat mission.

An unlucky start for the “Adir” that caused the ceremony, to be attended by U.S. Defense Secretary Ashotn Carter, to be delayed by about 5.5 hours.

As a consequence of the tweet, Lockheed Martin’s stock fell by as much as 3% and was down 2.55% as of 8:45 a.m. ET according to Business Insider.

The “attack” on the F-35 comes just one week after Trump tweeted on the costs for the replacement Air Force One.

trump big smile

5 thoughts on “$4 Billion Gift to Israel Grounded by Fog Same Day Trump Slammed “out of control” Costs

  1. This gift will be used to kill and main Palestinians in their humble hovels. There is no Air Force that the Israelis will be fighting any time soon, unless they attack Iranian or Russian forces..
    Israel should pay for all their weapons and they should not be supplied with the latest. They are a rogue nation with a long list of war crimes and terrorist attacks, including biting the hand that feeds, the USA.
    Israel can use these high tech planes to start a war between the USA and Russia, or USA and Iran, or both at once..

    • How many have the Russians shot down so far?
      How would anyone know?

      Hanging the DANCING JEWS that DID 911 on the msm TV would at least be a starting place to REBUILD the USA, it will never happen if we allow 911 over and over.

  2. This flying 24K golden turd needs to be flushed. We have reached a point of insanity when a fighter jet costs hundreds of millions of dollars per aircraft. It can not even fly in inclement weather. Plus, with all of its sensitive avionics, the EMP from a small nuke would cause it to drop from the sky.

  3. The original “lightening” p-38 had 2 engines an a twin boom design, it was way advanced for it’s time and a widow maker, this thing is only a single engine slow (compared to the new Russian fighters) poorly armed,difficult to maintain not to mention expensive , but the costs do not matter to the zionist that get this at OUR EXPENSE.
    Claw back our nations wealth Prez.TRUMP.

    The 747 for the new AF-1 ,should not be a NO BID contract. There should be a design competition amoung the worlds BEST, like Rotan and crew or the C5 group that could convert a C5 Galaxy to Prez quality, better for much less , They could drive the $18 million, limo on board with TRUMP inside.

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