White Woman Fired for Calling Michelle Obama “ape in heels” Gets Her Job Back


Remember the woman who was sacked for a racist post calling Michelle Obama an ‘ape in heels’?

Well her unemployment was surprisingly short lived – just less than a month, in fact – as she has now reportedly been reinstated in the same job.

Last month, soon after the US election result was announced in Donald Trump’s favour, Pamela Ramsey Taylor wrote: ‘It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House.


‘I’m tired of seeing a Ape (sic.) in heels.’

Taylor, who worked as a director of the nonprofit Clay County Development Corp. in West Virginia, was fired shortly afterwards.

But according to a letter from acting-director Leslie McGlothlin, Taylor is being reinstated later this month.

She will be able to go back to her position on December 23 after what is now being referred to as a ‘suspension’, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reports.

The post was deleted shortly after a backlash erupted, but not before shocked readers took screenshots.

Taylor wasn’t the only one who got in trouble because of the post, either.

Beverly Whaling, who was the mayor of West Virginia’s Clay County, left a comment on the status saying it ‘made my day’.

She later resigned from her post.

6 thoughts on “White Woman Fired for Calling Michelle Obama “ape in heels” Gets Her Job Back

  1. LOL I got to see gorillas in the wild. Amazing creatures

    That’s why I always refer to them as rape apes and she boons. Or don’t want to disrespect such creatures

  2. ” shocked readers took screenshots.”
    If something shocks me I try to forget it and I never make a copy or a photo.
    The truth is that SJWs and Dues saw a chance to punish this woman. They were not shocked at all.
    Due Spew.

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