Texas Cop, Wife Shoot at Violent Black Muggers at Gas Station

The physical damage suffered by a Texas off-duty deputy in a mugging attempt by two thugs would have been greater had his wife not had a gun.

Unfortunately, the wife was not a good shot. The deputy, injured even as he was, managed to get his gun too, but apparently missed, as the perps fled in a stolen red pickup truck.

They are still on the run.


A Texas sheriff’s deputy and his wife opened fire on two black males after they assaulted the off-duty officer at a gas station.

The deputy was in plain clothes at the time and had a four wheeler hitched to his truck. He and his wife were headed to their deer lease, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

The reported attack occurred after the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputy walked out of a Shell Station at Sorters and Summer Hills roads in Montgomery County, Texas. The two black males allegedly assaulted him, taking him to the ground and started kicking him in the head. The suspects were apparently trying to rob the officer because they tried to get his wallet.

The deputy’s wife was armed and she exited the vehicle and discharged several shots at the suspects as they were running towards a red Chevrolet truck.

The deputy went to get his pistol and also opened fire.

Engle reported that the red truck was recovered by Houston Police Department officers in northeast Houston. The truck had been carjacked a few days earlier while the owner was still in it.

Law enforcement officials with the Montgomery County crime lab have the truck and are combing it for fingerprints and DNA samples.

The deputy was taken to the hospital and later released. He has lacerations to his face, a broken jaw, and several missing teeth, reported the Police Reporter. He will undergo corrective surgery in the near future.

The suspects remain at large but anyone with information about their whereabouts or witnessed the incident has been asked to call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s difficult to wipe a vehicle clean of fingerprints and DNA. The thug’s crime spree will soon come to an end. They will spend some time at Negro State University (aka prison). The law will not allow them to be horsewhipped, but the law can be changed.

Slavery_TheLash whip black

3 thoughts on “Texas Cop, Wife Shoot at Violent Black Muggers at Gas Station

  1. Hate to second guess, but the hubby should have had his alarm bells going off as soon as he saw those goblins and been ready to grease them. Sadly, most LEO’s these days are so neutered by PC that they let the Orcs get the jump on them and then the LEO becomes a statistic. This guy got off easy.

    • The thing is that in this one the perps drove up in a new red truck. When I see black “youfs” getting out of a new truck, my alarm bells would go off. I guess the other thing is that in a rural county you don’t expect this kind of stuff to happen to you.

  2. The wife needs to get to the pistol range 10 or more times a year. She let the side down badly.
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    The USA needs a permanent nightime curfew on niggers travelog by motor vehicle, except workers going to and from work.

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