Joy Behar: Trump ‘Has to Step Down’ Before Inauguration

How some people get their own TV show and an audience is a bit of a mystery. Joy Behar is a nobody. Except for the fact that somebody wants her on TV spewing her nonsense to keep women confused.

Her partner in crime, Whoopi Goldberg, is just as bad, only uglier.

Fox News

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have been fiercely critical of President-elect Donald Trump on “The View.”

A week after saying that Trump might be mentally ill, Behar said today that Trump should “step down” before his inauguration.

The hosts were discussing reports that the CIA concluded Russia interfered in the election by giving WikiLeaks hacked emails from the DNC, as well as from John Podesta.

Whoopi Goldberg argued that the cyberattacks did indeed affect the outcome of the election, while Behar questioned why no damaging information on Trump or Republicans was released.

Goldberg said if this happened in another country’s election, the U.S. government would be strongly objecting to the result.

Behar then went after Trump and his supporters for “discrediting” the CIA, arguing that it is putting the country at risk.

“Isn’t it time for him to step down? He has to step down before the inauguration, before they give him the nuclear codes. We are at risk when the President of the United States is fighting with the CIA. That is a terrible thing,” she said.

Just days ago, Barbara Walters – “The View’s” co-creator and longtime host – was reported to have criticized the show’s current direction since her departure.

Joy Behar is like one of those loudmouth blowhard housewives that used to populate America until all the loudmouth blowhard housewives joined the labor force, thus inflicting themselves on their co-workers.

She has nothing intelligent to say. If this highly defective person didn’t have an audience of millions of American women, the story would be a nonstarter. Basically, as it is, we have an ignoramous spouting off nonsense.

Joy’s election prediction:

She has 827,000 followers on Twitter, which says something really, really bad about women in America.

5 thoughts on “Joy Behar: Trump ‘Has to Step Down’ Before Inauguration

    • And so, the Progresso-Demmy-Lib temper tantrum continues. Poor little snowflakes.

      Lets summarize:

      Things That Got Hacked:
      1.) Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server (the one she illegally used to conduct Top Secret State Dept. business)
      2.) the DNC

      Things That Did Not Get Hacked:
      1.) The Election – although now there is proof that if the election was hacked then it was Trump who was the victim. (Thank you Wisconsin Recount)

      Things Jillary and the Skankettes Are Mad About:
      1.) The hacking revealed the depths of Hillary Clinton’s abuse of power through her illegal, private e-mail server
      2.) The hacking revealed the back-handed, back-office, back-door shenanigans of the DNC in trying to deny Bernie Sanders a fair shot at the nomination

      People The Progresso-Demmy-Libs Want To Blame It All On
      1.) President-Elect Donald Trump

      Any questions?

      BTW, anyone remember this: “Obama Says ‘No Serious Person’ Could Rig An Election Even After Several Gov’t Hacks”

      Read more:

  1. Archetypal jew that is so arrogant that she’s one of the few that hasn’t had their beak snipped.
    The view, of a degenerate few is a show that I have never seen, other than stills and snippets from jew tube and I have no intention of ever watching it as it would simply be a waste of time. I think we had a show like this in the UK, can’t remember what it was called but it didn’t last long. Basically 4 women discussing current affairs of which they had a little below a superficial understanding of a subject and from there it deteriorated into a typical I’m a woman and so all my opinions are to be taken as facts fest, dreadful.

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