Cops Drag Fat Entitled Negress Off Plane “after she stormed past the gate agent without checking in and then demanded overhead bin space”

You’ve met her before. The names may change but the face is usually a bit on the dark side.

She’s the one pushing to the front of the line. She’s the rude one, cursing and spitting.

This time she tried her maddening behavior on an Delta Airlines flight out of Detroit. This time she was litterally dragged off.

Daily Mail

A woman was captured on video being dragged off an airplane by the police after she did not comply with boarding procedures, according to CBS.

The woman, who remains unnamed, refused to leave Delta flight 2038 at Detroit Metropolitan Airport before it took off for San Diego around 8am on Monday, according to a Delta spokesperson.

According to Rene deLambert, she stormed past the gate agent and failed to check in ‘because she wasn’t an early boarder’ before demanding overhead bin space, FOX reported.

She was arrested for violation of airport ordinances, including failure to leave the aircraft, although she has not been formally charged, the spokesperson said.

Video footage of the incident, which was shared by blogger RenesPoints, showed police dragging the woman down the aisle by her arms as she lay flat on her back.

Many of the passengers craned their necks and expressed their shock as they watched police officers struggle to pull her off the plane.

Erica Donerson, a spokesperson for Delta Air Lines, said the passenger ‘would not comply with boarding and baggage check procedures’.

Delta might think about segregating their planes. Well-behaved whites on one plane, badly behaved blacks on another.

And no alcohol for anyone, although there’s no allegation that alcohol played a role in this incident.

opera house clapping gif

12 thoughts on “Cops Drag Fat Entitled Negress Off Plane “after she stormed past the gate agent without checking in and then demanded overhead bin space”

  1. Don’t they realize she has BLACK PRIVILEGE and they were once all KANGS. I’ll bet the MSM only would show her being dragged from her seat by an evil YT cop. The joo media never shows footage that leads up to the arrest, eviction, etc but only if the perp i BLACK

    Countless porch primates I have had to deal with over the years have all been in my face “DA BLACK MAN DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE BY YT’s RULES. They were created to keep da black man down!!!!”

    And the (((tribe))) continually feeds their tiny minds the endless mantra of victimhood, which the (((tribe))) is a master of; when in fact it is we, the law abiding non black masses that are victimized 24×7 by the savages and their (((tribal))) animal trainers

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  3. If Delta aren’t careful, those hideously ugly, terminally imbecilic fat black bastard’s will withdraw coon custom.
    Choosing to fly exclusively by pyramid.
    Don’t say you weren’t warned!

  4. In one month in Sydney I have only seen only person cheat while boarding the bus. A Cooness who was exactly the size of the monster in those photos. The Sheboon was actually called forward by the white driver who made her buy a ticket. This is rare, most drivers are afraid of losing their job – for doing their job. I have seen Abos and Africans and Samoans and darkies travel for free many times and even inspectors turn a blind eye which makes me very angry. Only whites have to pay fines, and maybe Chinks also.

    I quietly congratulated the driver as I left. Doing it loudly might have endangered his job.

    All those Coons and rapefugees all over Europe mostly traveled for free by train, illegally. They should have been arrested then deported for stealing.

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