Congressman: Trump “unhinged,” Must be Blocked By Electoral College


Who is nobody Congressman Jim Himes?

A little research shows that he sucks Jew ****, loves Martin Luther C***, and praises sodomy. Which is not to say that he’s a Jew or a sodomite himself. He’s just a degenerate, mentally ill liberal from a disgustingly liberal state.

Quite a few of his photos show him hanging out with well-dressed women at cocktail parties. He’s never met a real working man or woman, and if he did he’d treat them like dirt, unless they were black or brown.

He’s getting his 15 minutes of fame by calling for the total destruction of the rule of law.

New York Post

A Democratic lawmaker is desperately lobbying the Electoral College to shun Donald Trump, and vote for Hillary Clinton — even though he conceded Monday that the Republican won the election “fair and square.”

The plea from Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) comes a week before the Dec. 19 vote, which is expected to affirm the results of the Nov. 8 election, in which Trump beat Clinton with 306 Electoral College votes.

“We’re 5 wks from Inauguration & the President Elect is completely unhinged. The electoral college must do what it was designed for,” Himes wrote Sunday night on Twitter in response to Trump’s gripe that NBC “Nightly News” is “biased, inaccurate and bad, point after point.”

In an interview Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” Himes said that Trump’s refusal to say that the Russians hacked Democrats during the election was what prompted his plea to the Electoral College.

“What finally pushed me over the edge was when the president-elect of the United States criticized the CIA and the intelligence community. Can you imagine what the leaders in Beijing and Moscow and Tehran are thinking as they watch the next president of the United States delegitimize and criticize his own intelligence community and stand up for the defense of Russia, one of our prime adversaries,” said Himes.

The Democratic rep said the move would result in “an awful lot of litigation,” but that it was the right thing to do under the system that currently exists.

“The Electoral College, if you read the Federalist Papers and understand why it is there, it is a group of people. It is not an algorithm. It is not a set of ballots. It is a group of people that our Founding Fathers, you know, to whom supposedly we all sort of defer to, pledged the idea that if someone gets elected that is manifestly ill equipped to be president … that the Electoral College can step in,” he said.

Himes, who said the Republican isn’t qualified to be “mayor of a small town in Connecticut,” admitted that “under the rules, President-elect Donald Trump won fair and square.”

But Himes, who wants to abolish the Electoral College, said the only reason it does exist is to prevent someone like Trump from getting into the Oval Office.

Julian Assange, the FBI, and many other experts also refuse to say that the Russians hacked the election. I guess Himes is still waiting for Iraq’s WMDs to be found since the CIA said they were there.

All the news networks are nonstop with stories that push the idea that the Russians got Trump elected.

So why are the cowardly pieces of excrement like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Himes backing the CIA’s bullsh*t?

It’s easy. The Guardian and many other news sources reported that the CIA spied on Congress.

There’s no doubt the CIA has the dirt on these scumbags and is blackmailing them to do what the CIA wants.

The real worry isn’t that President-elect Trump can be tied to Russia, but that the CIA will assassinate him before he takes office. Alternatively, they can simply threaten to kill his family.

The CIA are scum. They exist to exist. In other words, they seek to maximize their own power and wealth. The organization doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about you or me. They only care about them.

12 thoughts on “Congressman: Trump “unhinged,” Must be Blocked By Electoral College

      • In a real way voting for Trump was a way of saying the current political system is illegitimate and unworthy of support

        Imagine how many more people will understand that if “they” mange to install anyone but Trump on 20 January?

        The current political system needs to be junked, which won’t happen until enough Whites understand the Constitution is long dead and the federal government is no longer la egitimate extention of White folks political will

  1. Ps the CIA is no different then any other branch of the deep state. In this case there are good men, hard and dedicated doing dangerous shit for God and country but the shot callers are political hacks 1st and foremost.

    Same applies to the dod, fbi or any other outfit

    • Right, I’m glad you brought that up. There have to be both good and bad in our institutions, including in the military. Obama got rid of as many patriots as he could. I’m not sure how willing to buck the system the good guys would be. They might prefer to remain as moles, sabotaging the system from within.

      • The CIA has been loaded up for decades with pro-Internationalist agenteurs whose loyalty is somewhere between Clinton proxies and the handlers under Gorgeous George Soros. They should be evacuated root and branch. The fact that they are interfering with the transitional process of the Prez-elect by way of conjuring completely unsubstantiated theories of Russian hacking proves this point completely. With all of this delegitimizing of Trump by so many vectors I believe it is a lock that he will be assassinated within 12 months. I have grave concerns and hope to be wrong–but there are some nasty signs that this may be in the works. And yes, there will be some kind of long term social disorder from this possibility. It may also be the last chance of any REAL revolution to reinstall the Republic as it was intended. I’ll take my home boys from Montana over the Pink haired pencil neck/jungle ape army any day…

  2. Completely unhinged?
    He already went back on some promises. How that is unhinged in beyond me.
    Did they expect him to be the same as hillary, but a guy or what?
    And would it be the first time it happens in history or not?

  3. The CIA should have been disbanded after they murdered JFK. I would fear for Trumps life were it not for the web and alternative media, they couldn’t get away with it today as they do not control all of the media outlet’s as they did in the 60’s. Why isn’t anyone bringing up the fact that a government body is trying to affect the outcome of an election after the people have decided?
    That’s apart from the complete lack of evidence they have produced to even suggest that Russia had anything to do with the election process.

  4. The CIA is finally getting a patriot in charge, and a smart one at that. He will have a lot of work to do to undo the damage done by the current Muslim chief, John Brennan. First in his class at West Point, say your prayers, muzzies!

  5. If you are a man and are a liberal Democrat, by definition and default you are a degenerate sodomite. The Jude part has to be in there somewhere with this guy. Just keep digging.

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