White Girl Murdered by “well-mannered” Black Boyfriend: Mother “never saw it coming”

The TV station video embedded below about Alyssa Wright shows the girl’s family reacting to her strangulation murder by her black boyfriend.

All of her family are women. There’s not a man in the house anywhere.

And that precisely pinpoints a real problem for America.

A smart white dad would advise his daughter, “Never trust a nigger. Stay away from them unless you want to be a single mother or end up dead.”

Women are often stupid when it comes to race. (Not the women who comment here, though.) Stupid can get you killed when that stupidity is about race.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“He was always a real well-mannered boy. I never had any problems with him, always been respectful,” mother Melinda Wright told Channel 2 Action News on Friday.

Alyssa Wright was allegedly strangled Tuesday by Elijah William Ramoutar, 19, at his home on White Birch Drive in Covington, according to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Family told Channel 2 that the 19-year-old went to Ramoutar’s house Tuesday evening.

“We were sitting on the bed, laughing, joking about things that were starting to look up for us,” Melinda Wright said. “She said, ‘Bye. I love you. I’ll be back.’”

Authorities later found Alyssa Wright dead, then arrested Ramoutar at his home.

They had gone to the prom together in April before graduating in May, Channel 2 reported. Alyssa Wright wanted to enter the medical field and Ramoutar wanted to join the Air Force.

Ramoutar is now facing murder charges and is in the Newton County jail.

One question that remains for the family is why this happened.

“I don’t wish any harm to him, but I’m angry. I’m hurt and I just want to know why,” Melinda Wright said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with funeral costs. The family had raised more than $4,300 of its $10,000 goal by 4 p.m. Friday.

The answer to dumb mom’s question is simple. It’s found in the interracial crime statistics. A white woman with a black boyfriend or husband is 12 times more likely to be murdered than a white woman paired with a white man.

We try to warn these foolish ones who won’t face the truth: Avoid the groid.

But women think they know more than men. They easily buy into the Magic Negro bullshit propaganda spewed out by the Talmudvision monster that sits in their living rooms.

At one time, there might have been an ignorance of the facts excuse that might have some validity in explaining away interracial relationships. No more. The facts are easy to find on the Internet.

Women who play with fire will get burned.

And there will be no sympathy from this corner of the Internet for any of them.

Alyssa Wright was a mudshark and a race traitor. She may or may not have deserved to die, but anyone with any sense could see it coming.

23 thoughts on “White Girl Murdered by “well-mannered” Black Boyfriend: Mother “never saw it coming”

  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1084922-2/&ved=0ahUKEwjyqem_0OzQAhUS8mMKHYKjCgE4ChAWCCcwBA&usg=AFQjCNHeuIO4WcAvrTpSIf_p-qR7KsDyCA&sig2=TQryMUDeHULCiZetiRhJlg
    White boyfriends killing their girls…great whites memes…

  2. General Custer never saw it coming. This female has the classic mud-shark features. You could put her in a line-up with ten other normal females, and I could pick her out of the line-up as a smoke-jumper. There might be some defective genetic component to this in which case, this is always a blessing in disguise. She would have only bred half-breeds, destroyed a genetic line, and allowed more mongrels into the world to victimize evil YT. Ultimately, survival is the name of the game, and evil YT must survive or the world sinks into hellish darkness. No loss here.

  3. “never saw it coming” Really ?

    If you anticipate such things you are waycist.

    Some people are so afraid of being called racist, they will even sacrifice their own children.

    It’s only a word you fools. Only a word.

    Where are the libtards when this happens ? Why are they silent ?

  4. What does that say about the mother when the only thing she can offer up is “she never saw it coming”? She enabled it, approved of it, and ultimately excused it. These stupid white women have made their deal with the devil and sooner or later the devil will come by to collect. I will not shed any tears for them. You could have had any number of decent white men who would have loved you, respected you, taken care of you, and sacrificed for you but that didn’t create the correct “gina” tingles for you so you passed him by for a mud who would do none of those things but would create the drama and tension you seem to live for. Enjoy your excitement ladies especially as your pet mud turns on you and extracts the pound of flesh the devil didn’t get.

  5. This absolutely disgusts me. The murdered girl could have easily been my cousin’s daughter. She is in a ‘relationship’ with some dude from Jamaica whose name I cannot pronounce. My cousin’s daughter could have a bright future ahead of her. She’s just entered medical school. The Jamaican guy was some sort of exchange student and lived with my cousin’s family. My cousin and her husband actually condoned their relationship right under their own roof. They even let her go to Jamaica alone with this guy. While in Jamaica, my cousin kept in constant touch with the daughter because things were not going well between her and the Jamaican. He didn’t prove to be much of a student either because this genius flunked out of what courses he was taking. As far as I know, they are still together as a couple. I just pray she doesn’t end up like this murdered girl. And you know what? My cousin and her husband will also say they never saw it coming.

    • I would say send them a link to this post, but it would cause you trouble, so don’t do it. Any family that would take in a black for any reason is letting in the fox into the hen house. Sad and disgusting.

  6. Your comment about there not being a father or male in the family reminded me of something and made me question if even having one would make a difference. I remember several years back before your blog’s resident crazy female comment-maker had sunk into lunacy and the first manifestation of her blog had just started it began attracting a couple of other totally bat-shit crazy female comment-makers as well. One of them, I do not remember her name, made one of the most brutally honest admissions I have seen. She said that telling these young white girls/women to stay away from blacks only backfired under today’s feminist indoctrination and made the young women view it as just another way to control them.

    Why women always feel like they are being controlled in something I have never been able to figure out but men have little if any influence in how a woman feels or acts. The matriarchy, not some patriarchy, is what controls young women and always has.

    • Right, I think you’ve got it correct when you advance your matriarchy hypothesis. One crazy girl I knew at the university was certainly acting in ways to PO her parents, who were together in an intact family unit. In her case, not even her mother had any influence on her. Honestly, they may pick up their behavior cues from social media and Hollywood more than anywhere else today.

    • Jay Clay, I heard a line in a movie recently “Never tell a female they are not allowed to do something. They will always do it”. This is probably why ministers of religion’s daughters are very often sluts at a young age.

      My mother has a story, from her mother. My grandfather would say “You must not take our children to the park”. As soon as he left for work, the wife took her very young kids to the park and they all went “whee” during the rides. My grandfather was strict but above all a practical joker. I believe he knew they would do this rule breaking, and he found it amusing.

      Or this old gag…..
      ” If a man has an affair it is because he is a bad husband. If a wife has an affair it is because she has a bad husband”. This is pretty much the actual working mind of many women. Women are never wrong, as long as they act according to their feelings at that moment, like pressing the Red Button, say. Or having sex with a Coon.

  7. “A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with funeral costs. The family had raised more than $4,300 of its $10,000 goal by 4 p.m. Friday.”
    How much has been donated by African Americans?
    Why would any sane white person donate any money to these fools? Let the mother pay the $10,000 herself and think about it.
    “Once you make your bed, you have tio lie down on it”.

    • The donations are another example of a phenomena I despise, misguided white altruism. As far as I know, I’m the only writer that regulary calls it out as misguided. Even worse than this, of course, are the donations to feed starving Africans.

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