We Need Bigger Ovens This Time: No, I Won’t Stand with Israel

Pat Robertson is behind the nonsense appeal to white Christian youth above. Obviously, the Tweeter is not standing with Israel. In fact, he’s itching to build bigger ovens.

Here’s Pat Robertson talking about why Christians must stand with Israel. Pat states that Jesus was a Jew. Anyone disagree?


5 thoughts on “We Need Bigger Ovens This Time: No, I Won’t Stand with Israel

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  2. First off, no Yahshua was not a jew. He was a Judahite (from the tribe of Judah). He was also born in Bethlehem and lived in Galilee, not Judea. The term Jew used in the New Testament should be Judean. A Judean is a resident of Judea. It would be like a nonwhite saying their English when they are a resident of the UK etc. In Yahshua’s time, there was only a remnant of Judahites that returned after captivity. While they were in captivity their lands were taken over by the cursed Edomite/Canaanites. This is why they were always questioning him and told him they were never in bondage to any man. I’m a Christian Identist. Check out Identitystruggle.org It’s a great site for beginners to truly help understand the scriptures and how our people are the true Adamites/Israelites of the bible. You can also check out Christogenea.org.

  3. Sorry, but the Juden lost out when they turned their backs on Christ, and us evil YT Gentiles became the new Chosen People. God has a plan for the Juden. What it is, I do not know. All that I know from being of this earth and a life-time of experience, study, and observation is that the Juden are a net negative, the polio vaccine notwithstanding. They are perfectly welcome to return to their homeland, beef up their defenses (which, including nuclear, are perfectly adequate to destroy their enemies), live lives of religious fulfillment, and leave the rest of the world alone and out of their demonic interference.

  4. Jesus was / is in no shape form or fashion a ‘jew’. Period. It is absurd to claim such, contrary to both Biblical and profane history. The [[[jew]]] is antiChrist, by both their own writings and by the Bible. Jesus the man was an Israelite – and an Israelite is NOT a jew. Once again, the jews own writings [see the jewish almanac] confirm this. [[[They]]] freely admit this amongst themselves, but perpetrate the lie to get the dumb goy to support the parasitic existence. Robertson, Hagee, Hinn etc are just paid spokesmen. The Bible talks about people like them…
    and btw Mr Truth-hammer, the jew has NO homeland. Again, they admit this themselves [see ‘the wandering jew’ and the fact that they always call their place of residence a ‘host’ country…and what relies on a ‘host’?!?…] Gods plan for the juden is pretty clearly stated in the Bible ; such is why they rail against Him and try to destroy His people!

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