Vice Interview with Richard Spencer Shows Blonde Reporter’s Attraction to Aryan Masculinity

Haha. An attractive Aryan girl reporter for Vice tries to trigger Richard Spencer and is met with a manly response. Notice her flirtatious looks. She wants a baby by a real Aryan man. I wonder if Spence gave her what she so obviously wants.

Give Spence some support by going to youtube and upvote the video.

The intrepid girl reporter, Elle Reeve, was not treated kindly in the youtube comments.

This chick is not pretty enough to do the cute girl gestures and empty social pauses

I felt bad for her at points. But then I thought how the hell did she even get a job in journalism?

Looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome.

You can listen to her guesting on The Daily Shoah on Right Stuff.

10 thoughts on “Vice Interview with Richard Spencer Shows Blonde Reporter’s Attraction to Aryan Masculinity

  1. Didn’t watch the interview, I have heard repeatedly that Spencer is both a homo and a Jew shill, I don’t trust the “alt right” label and suspect it as being Jewish subversion to steer awakening Europeans into a direction they control, I think I might be a European National Socialist considering that rich greedy Europeans are sadly as much to blame for our circumstances as the Jews, it is the greedy rich that would rather have a black slave than pay a poor white person, the greedy rich that would rather cheap Indians than a poor European person. or relocate factories to China instead of train unskilled Europeans.

    • Totally agree.
      There was an article some time ago about an italian hotel owner who was “invaded” by refugees since the government took over his hotel to house them.
      What wasn’t mentioned is that he already signed before to allow them to live there for something like 20 euros per person, but then the govt ran out of money and it was several times less than that.
      Only then did he actually have something against it! Otherwise he wouldn’t have had a problem allowing invaders to be housed there if he gained a profit!
      So yes, indeed, a lot of these rich greedy idiots are a HUGE reason why this happened in the first place.
      Let’s not forget that the (((banks))) mostly allow the rich to get richer and the poor poorer. So they work hand in hand with the jews.

  2. If the young lady would fix her hair, dress feminine, wear some make-up, and get rid of the bug-eyed glasses, she could be very attractive.

  3. Damn does she look braindead

    Also, i like how they make fun of alt-righters as “neckbeards” who need to groom, but she looks worse than the alt-righter she is interviewing.

      • I thought she was just ok. Seemed as if she just barely got up in the morning and do the interview, without caring about how she looked, hence the irony in making fun of alt-righters that don’t groom, imo.

  4. I also did not watch it. I am a Socialist Nationalist, maybe the only one in the world, and wonder why Hitler never thought of that term.SocNats has a nice ring to it and no thought of gas chambers and human soap. How can any lefty be upset if the Socialism word comes before the Nationalism? If you check out Hitlers flags, they were overwhelmingly red – the colour of the Commies. This was planned by Hitler to attract Commies to his Party.

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