Report: VA hospital left body in shower room for 9 hours

Hmmm. I wonder what kind of people would be as fuxated and incompetent as those described in this story.

Unless a patient at the hospital comes here to give us an on-the-ground report, we’ll just have to speculate.

One clue is that no one is being fired for this extreme incompetence and inhumanity to a veteran.

Associated Press

SEMINOLE, Fla. (AP) — Staff at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Florida left the body of a veteran in a shower for nine hours after the veteran died and proper pickup procedures to the morgue weren’t followed.

The Tampa Bay Times on Sunday ( ) reported that an internal investigation concluded that staff at the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System failed to provide appropriate post-mortem care to the veteran’s body.

The investigative report said that leaving the body unattended for so long increased the chance of decomposition.

The unnamed veteran died in February after spending time in hospice care. The hospital’s Administrative Investigation Board ordered retraining for staff.

Hospital spokesman Jason Dangel said hospital officials view what happened as unacceptable but have implemented changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We feel that we have taken strong, appropriate and expeditious steps to strengthen and improve our existing systems and processes within the unit,” Dangel said. “It is our expectation that each veteran is transported to their final resting place in the timely, respectful and honorable manner. America’s heroes deserve nothing less.”

The investigation found that once the veteran died, hospice staff members requested a staffer known as a “transporter” to get the body moved to the morgue.

The transporter told them to follow proper procedures and notify dispatchers, but that request was never made, so nobody showed up to take the body away.

Instead, it was moved to a hallway in the hospice and then to the shower room where it was unattended for more than nine hours.

Some hospice staff “demonstrated a lack of concern, attention and respect” for the veteran, according to the investigative report.

The investigation also found that staff failed to check a 24-hour nursing report that would indicate whether the death was reported properly, and staff failed to update a nursing organizational chart that hampered efforts to determine who was in charge.

If they’re this careless you also have to wonder about how many vets have been killed by them, with the deaths covered up.

Diversity. Ain’t it wonderful?

black nurse propaganda photo

Let’s consider another clue. If a black vet’s body were so disrespected by white staffers, the cries of racism would be heard around the world.

Tentative conclusion, based on Sherlock Holmes’ deductive reasoning: Nonwhite staffers left a white veteran’s body unattended.

sherlock holmes

8 thoughts on “Report: VA hospital left body in shower room for 9 hours

  1. If only this was the only thing that occurs in VA Centers and hospitals. With over 440,000 deaths caused by REPORTED errors every year, think about all those and other incidents swept under the rug.

    With all the foreigners working in medical facilities now, everyone should have a patient advocate. If not, get one, or pray!

      • Both. Depending on age, wife, husband, older daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, close friends. You need someone by your side most of the day. Most men will not want to take off of work.

        Patient Advocacy departments inside hospitals do have people who will watch over you, but remember, they claim they are looking out for you, but will they side with you if an error occurs? They are paid by the hospital.

        You can hire an outside patient advocate, usually a nurse or someone with clinical experience. They are expensive, but with all their knowledge, I believe the best advocate you can get other than a family member who is/was a physician or nurse.

  2. Is this what it’s come to⁉️ War heroes disrespected by human hubris that don’t CARE? Aren’t worthy enough to walk in a United States veterans boots⁉️I’m freaking flabbergasted as I did a blog post on the deficiencies of the VA tonight on Gammy…

    • Excellent. You have another issue to help fix.

      Trump has promised to fix the VA, which seems to be broken. Hiring employees who care and are passionate about doing a good job is a rare thing in America now, what with all the emphasis on racial balance among employees.

      • I’m blogging it now but so irate I cannot compose a rational post so c&p. I literally blogged about the desperate and bereft VA system earlier….

  3. Why wasn’t this reported for 10 months? Considering the media are like jackals? And how DARE they write this:

    Instead, it was moved to a hallway in the hospice and then to the shower room where it was unattended for more than nine hours.

    Whomever this person was, be it 25 years of age or 85 years, they were A. a US veteran and B. a human being. They were loved, a son or daughter, perhaps a spouse or a parent, they defended OUR country. How DARE the press refer to them as “it”? How dare they refer to any deceased person as “it”? I have pronounced convicted pedophiles dead yet I never told the ancillary staff to “take care of it”. There are boundaries one simply doesn’t cross…

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