Pro-White Groups Disavow White Supremacy Label

birth of a nation

The issue of whether a person concerned with his European-American identity should label himself (or herself) as a racist or white supremacist is an interesting personal decision that red-pilled white Americans have to decide.

There is a subtle gradation of beliefs that the mainstream press won’t acknowledge in their writings about red-pilled Euro-Americans.

Let’s take an example. Both Barack Obama and Jesse Jackson have admitted being nervous when they see a young black male gangsta type in their proximity. But let a white man repeat the race realist’s mantra, “Avoid the groid,” and he’s deemed a racist by the popular culture.

The whole objective of the press is not to understand or help the European-American identity gain followers, but rather to do the opposite.

Excerpt from the Associated Press

“We’re not white supremacists. We believe in our race,” said a man with a Midwestern accent and glasses just hours before a pro-Trump Klan parade in a nearby town. He, like three Klan compatriots, wore a robe and pointed hood and wouldn’t give his full name, in accordance with Klan rules.

Claiming the Klan isn’t white supremacist flies in the face of its very nature. The Klan’s official rulebook, the Kloran – published in 1915 and still followed by many groups – says the organization “shall ever be true in the faithful maintenance of White Supremacy,” even capitalizing the term for emphasis. Watchdog groups also consider the Klan a white supremacist organization, and experts say the groups’ denials are probably linked to efforts to make their racism more palatable.

Still, KKK groups today typically renounce the term. The same goes for extremists including members of the self-proclaimed “alt-right,” an extreme branch of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism.

“We are white separatists, just as Yahweh in the Bible told us to be. Separate yourself from other nations. Do not intermix and mongrelize your seed,” said one of the Klansmen who spoke along the muddy lane.

The Associated Press interviewed the men, who claimed membership in the Loyal White Knights of the KKK, in a nighttime session set up with help of Chris Barker, a KKK leader who confirmed details of the group’s “Trump victory celebration” in advance of the event. As many as 30 cars paraded through the town of Roxboro, North Carolina, some bearing Confederate and KKK flags.

Barker didn’t participate, though: He and a Klan leader from California were arrested hours earlier on charges linked to the stabbing of a third KKK member during a fight, sheriff’s officials said. Both men were jailed; the injured man was recovering.

Like the KKK members, Don Black said he doesn’t care to be called a white supremacist, either. Black – who operates, a white extremist favorite website, from his Florida home – he prefers “white nationalist.”

“White supremacy is a legitimate term, though not usually applicable as used by the media. I think it’s popular as a term of derision because of the implied unfairness, and, like ‘racism,’ it’s got that ‘hiss’ (and, like ‘hate’ and ‘racism,’ frequently ‘spewed’ in headlines),” Black said in an email interview.

The Klan formed 150 years ago, just months after the end of the Civil War, and quickly began terrorizing freed blacks. Hundreds of people were assaulted or killed as whites tried to regain control of the defeated Confederacy. During the civil rights movement, Klan members were convicted of using murder as a weapon against equality. Leaders from several different Klan groups have told AP they have rules against violence aside from self-defense, and opponents agree the KKK has toned itself down after a string of members went to prison years after the fact for deadly arson attacks, beatings, bombings and shootings.

The reporting energy spent on this story would have better spent showing that diversity does not work anywhere and it’s certainly not working in the USA as whites are stripped of wealth and the ability to control their own destiny by a hostile federal government.

Allegedly human, you're not supposed to notice how much they resemble apes.  Only a fool would believe that their interests and abilities are the same as those of whites, Asians, and Jews, who must be thousands of years ahead in evolutionary terms.

Allegedly human, you’re not supposed to notice how much they resemble apes. Only a fool would believe that their interests and abilities are the same as those of whites, Asians, and Jews, who must be thousands of years ahead in evolutionary terms.

9 thoughts on “Pro-White Groups Disavow White Supremacy Label

  1. I kinda agree with not having to make purselves white supremacists. Mostly because it would be easier to get other to join our cause imo.

    We could be the dumbest, poorest race on earth, but we should still have the right to our own place, pride and culture. As the saying goes, asia for asians, africa for africans, white countries for everybody.

    • I haven’t always been consistent on my position on this issue, but basically I agree with you. I want to red pill others. That’s easier accomplished by easing into racial issues. However, some of my posts are intended to trigger liberals by being a bit offensive. The truth about blacks, Muslims, and feminists is often offensive. I can’t help it.

      • Well of course, it’s better to be honest with your vision than try and not to be.
        I’m just saying that even without us being superior, we still have a right to exist.
        Just trying to playing a bit of devils advocate so to speak. Giving another reason to liberals and others that are against europeans other than that we are superior like most other try. Not that i disagree, but that makes you an easy prey for their name-callings (even if what you say it’s true).
        But if you say something like what i say above, in my opinion it is much harder for them to actually call you racist for it so it can be a beginning to a discourse.
        Or perhaps it’s just a little detail to think about i dunno.

  2. Again, we are not white supremacists. The term is redundant. Evil YT is supreme just by virtue of his DNA and all that it encompasses. More precisely, we are superior. The untermensch use the terms white supremacist, racist, and whateverphobe to get us to chase our tails, deny our superiority, and always be on the defensive against something that is a made-up, faux offense. Those of us who are awake/red-pilled do not waste our time giving any attention to the Jew Matrix (yes, the Jews are at the base of all of this) except to call it out and ridicule it. In effect, we are using Lucifer’s Padawan, Darth Alinsky’s, tactics, against these creeps, because these tactics work.

  3. It’s time to change the words. It is time to change the rhetoric. It is time to retell the story of European DNA.
    It is time European Heritage secured its own labels on itself.

    The serpents and the dark minions don’t belong, want to slither in, but just can’t fit in. So, all the put-downs and bad mouthing and the envy and despair.
    Racist, supremacist, hate speaker, anti-semitic and all other neg. stuff flung by the enemy are words that describe themselves in their jealousy and despair. They rage, because without the European DNA they remain uncreative animals.
    These critters call me these things, because I’m White, and I don’t care. I don’t feel guilty, either.
    I’m White, and I’m truly thankful! I rejoice. What a gift = I deserve the best!
    I am European DNA, if you please; I am European DNA, if you don’t please.

  4. The Jewsmedia never ever uses the term “White Superiority” because it is the truth. White Supremacy is not true as the 20th Century proved. WWI and WWII whites killed each other by the tens of millions. At the start of WWI and the end of WWII, the Jews were still in charge of both Communism and Capitalism – and politics.
    They built the UN in Jew York, of all places. The first IMF head was a US State Dept Commie traitor named Harry Dexter White. Who was never punished.

    The inferior Jews defeated the superior whites by ruthlessness, lying, brutality and cunning. Altruistic, honest and truthful whites have no chance when dealing with grasping, tribal, opportunistic and greedy Jews. They rule the show, they are Supreme as the Fed and the USA Supreme Court prove. But you will never read that in any one of their newspapers and nor will you hear it on any of their TV channels.

    Whites are on the canvas being kicked in the head and hit with brass knuckles by the Jews. The ref is not watching. The match is fixed. Somebody ring the bell and put that white fighter out of his misery!

  5. “an extreme branch of conservatism mixing racism, white nationalism and populism.”.
    They left out one word – truth. Also racism is a lie, maybe racialism might be true.
    Is it extreme to be truthful, such as about differences between the races which have been proved by Science? Or factual crime statistics, hidden by the MSM?
    To me it is more extreme to knowingly lie, as MSM journalists do every day. These lies get more and more obvious every year. Pretty much all TV watchers are waking up to the extremist left/Jew bias in almost all MSM outlets.
    If you watch BBC for example, or DW (Deutsche Welt) or the Froggie equivalent, seems most of the “news” stories are about hungry Africa and nigger rapefugees – and very often presented by Coons and towel heads. These are on European TV channels!

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