Hilarious Classroom Video Creates New Meme: How Much Do You Think Sambo Understands?

We have a new Internet meme, representing black something or other. Watch hilarious Sambo react to a zoology class presentation.

Haha. Sambo is famous now!

5 thoughts on “Hilarious Classroom Video Creates New Meme: How Much Do You Think Sambo Understands?

  1. Wait a minute. The guy’s name is Daquan. He has the Buckwheat hair-do and is making that silly face. Is this post a set-up to draw in evil YT racists?

  2. The whites and yellows are playing with their phones or maybe taking pictures and seem bored, shameful in my opinion, think of the cost to the school. The Coon is closer to nature, pays very close attention, and he knows instinctively that many of these animals would kill him without hesitation. Wild animals hate niggers. Even domestic dogs are alert to non whites and are more likely to bite them than whites. Dolphins hate Japs probably because the Nips kill thousands of them every year. I heard of a Jap male having a dolphin ride with a male dolphin. The dolphin threw the Nip into the air as far as it could. After that, the place only used female dolphins. These were former Soviet navy dolphins and still at a Navy base. I am not making this story up. I had a ride with one of these females, for cash of course, and no it was not a cosmic experience. While I was there these dolphins refused to give a ride to a heavily pregnant female who was with my group.
    Crocs love eating abo children. “Tastes like chicken”.

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