5 thoughts on “Get on No Censorship GAB Now!

  1. Got on it already. Once Beta is thru we have a new platform. Rumour mill on 4Chan is that Trump has a special pass just in case Twitter knocks him off he can streamline into GAB. In fact I hope this happens. It would be the death stroke of Twitter and new social platforms will rise up all over to decentralize the media contact points. Let us hope…

  2. Above (((yahoo))) article is Jew Spew with all the standard code words and phrases. Anyone who wants whites to live together is labelled by the Jews as a “White Supremacist”. Has Richard Spencer ever used that term about himself, or the Poof Milo?

    Such as ……”“alt-right” movement dominated by the white supremacists who are helping fuel America’s deepening polarization.
    …..Richard Spencer, heads the white supremacist National Policy Institute, whose account Twitter has suspended.

    Spencer, whose “Hail Trump” comments were seen as evocative of the Nazi era joined the Twitter exile along with Milo Yiannopoulos, accused of fomenting a social media…..

    Reddit, an online news and messaging board, announced last month that it would crack down on “toxic users” …..
    – Overtly racist –
    Although the platform’s terms prohibit calls for violence or “terrorism,” many messages on the site are overtly racist or anti-Semitic.”

      • I received mine several days after adding name to list. Did you check your junk box?

        Yes, Jared and others are on there. I suppose I need to become familiar with how to use it. No real format.

        Also, I couldn’t use the name I use on Twitter, so I feel as if I’m starting over. It appears very ‘primitive’ to me. Not sure I like a Pakistani and Muslim started it on an island somewhere. Something doesn’t sound legit. Sort of like spies who might sell us out to the government.

        So far, I haven’t seen anything that would be banned on Twitter.

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