Europe is Finished, Nothing Can Save It Now (Sick Video)

The LGBT takeover of Europe is complete. Morality is dead.

From the youtube comments section:

I like the girl with the Hitler mustache best. Maybe she isn’t lost after all..
The interesting thing is, how the liberal idiots that made these books now seem to believe that homosexuality is a choice. Something that they denied vehemently when the Christians claimed that it was true. Back then they claimed, you were born homosexual and could not help it.
Now, that it is politically opportune, they seem to occupy the position that it is a choice.
Liberalism makes me sick and I understand now, why the first people that Hitler threw into the concentration camps were liberals and Socialists and not Jews.

Filthy hook nosed degenerates have Euro Cucks turning their own children into weak, genderless faggots … WILLINGLY. Bring on the Muslim and African savages so they can tear their pathetic kids limb from limb for Greater Israel. Sad.

Jews pollute Western culture

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