White Nationalist Richard Spencer Unfazed by Protesters at Campus Talk

The following news report is fairly accurate, although slanted. The ABC News video at the source site contains at least two lies.

Commentary after the story.

Excerpt from ABC News

White nationalist Richard Spencer wasn’t fazed by the protesters who turned up at his Texas A&M University appearance on Tuesday.

“We triggered the world,” Spencer told “Nightline.” “I think it’s good to trigger people little bit. When you get triggered it means that you’re shocked, you thought something that you haven’t thought before. It means that you have an open mind and you can start to see the world differently.”

But what Spencer actually triggered on campus was the unified presence of thousands of people demonstrating their opposition to his views by attending a competing event at a the university’s football stadium.

Spencer is credited with coining the term “alt-right,” which he described as “the identity politics for white people in the 21st century.”

“I think the alt-right has gained a great deal of ground, precisely because we are provocative,” he added. “And precisely because, to use bad language, we don’t give a —- on some level.”

Spencer, 38, came to national attention when video surfaced of him at a Washington, D.C. conference in November shouting “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory,” as some members of the crowd raised their hands in a Nazi salute.

Spencer said he yelled out “Hail Trump,” “in the spirit of irony and exuberance.” He added that he saw the president-elect as someone who “sling-shotted our movement into fame.” The moment he found out Trump won the presidency, Spencer said if felt like a kind of “miracle.”

“If someone had told me two years ago that Donald Trump would be the alt-right hero and he would be president, I would be like, ‘What ridiculous movie are you talking about like this is not real life,’ but it is real life,” Spencer said.

Trump has said he disavows and condemns the alt-right movement.

In an interview with “Nightline,” Spencer claimed he is not a white supremacist or a racist, but it is difficult to understand his incendiary rhetoric any other way.

He told Mother Jones magazine that “Hispanics and African Americans have lower average IQs than whites and are more genetically predisposed to commit crimes” – a pseudo-science argument of white supremacists which has been widely discredited. But Spencer called it, “an empirical fact.”

“When you study, say average intelligence say around the world, and you keep getting the same answer, at some point you are going to have to look towards genetics as a cause,” Spencer said.

His deeply inflammatory world view involves an all-white “ethno state” where races are segregated through peaceful “ethnic cleansing,” though he has been quoted before as saying that it could be bloody.

“I think the current paradigm we’re living under is going to lead to blood and tears,” Spencer said. “I don’t know exactly what is going to happen but yes I do think that if there is going to be a major crack up… predominantly on racial lines.”

Spencer’s organization, the National Policy Institute, is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for promoting far-right, white-nationalist views.

“The term alt-right is really nothing more than a re-branding of white supremacy for the digital age,” said Southern Poverty Law Center president Richard Cohen. “I don’t think anybody should be fooled by what it is at its core and that is white supremacy.”

Spencer, who was raised in Dallas but now lives in Montana, has been banned by local businesses in his neighborhood. His own parents, he says, “think I’m a little crazy.” Alums from his Class of 1997 at the elite prep school St Marks he attended in Dallas started a fund for immigrants to repudiate his views. He said he has been banned from 25 European countries for his views.

“I’ve been banned from most of Europe,” he said, with a smile. “A lot of things have been strained because of my activism, yes, it’s been very difficult.”

1. Mexicans have La Raza, blacks have the Black Panthers and NAACP to promote their respective identities. But let whites even talk about an identity and it creates smear jobs and slander from the (((press.)))

2. Spencer’s NPI is labeled a hate group by the SPLC because the SPLC tags all groups that oppose the leftist agenda as hate groups.

3. IQ is not discredited by anyone but the left. Spencer is correct when he says that black and Latino IQs are lower on average than the average white person’s IQ. I suspect Spencer noted that Asian IQ is higher than white IQ, but that part of what he said was omitted from this smear job.

4. The fact that thousands of leftbots may have boycotted Spencer’s talk reveals just what babies today’s students are. Intelligent people listen to all sides and try to avoid taking positions because that’s what “everyone” says you’re supposed to believe. Sadly, Texas A & M is one of the countries most conservative campuses, or should I say cuckservative!

10 thoughts on “White Nationalist Richard Spencer Unfazed by Protesters at Campus Talk

  1. “Richard Spencer wasn’t fazed by the protesters” because they are both on the same side. The Hail Trump, Nazi salutes by Jews, the disavowal of the entire alt-right by Trump is a disaster for the movement. Which Spencer is proud of, showing he a traitor to the whole right wing, not just the alt-right. Spencer should be lynched, in a legal way of course.

    Trump disavowing the whole movement is also a very bad knee jerk decision and he, Spencer and the Jews may all be in cahoots with this planned detonation of the alt-right. Did Trump know the Three Stooges saluting were all Jews? Moe, Larry and Shemp. Who is advising Trump now – Jews?
    I am glad I never joined the alt-right if it is “led” by turds and deceivers like Spencer. Here today, gone tomorrow.
    “Today’s rooster is tomorrows feather duster”.

    • Take a look at my next post on Spencer (just published) and see if you want to modify your thoughts. Here’s a link to the school newspaper Twitter page. Keep scrolling down. There must be at least 100 Tweets on Spencer and the big protests his presence engendered scattered in among other topics.


      The focus of the next post involves Spencer destroying a Hillel Rabbi during the Q & A after his talk.

      I’m not disputing your thoughts, to make that clear, although I think it may be the case that Spencer, like Duke, gets demonized no matter what he does. I’m keeping an open mind on Spence, but the Jews took a hit from Spencer in this one instance.

      • As of now he seems to be proving himself go be a legit young man

        Still somewhat foolish, which is OK. Young men are foolish but legit none the less

  2. Some of the things Spencer says are going to cause a race war, if not that, much more violence in the streets, more White murders.

    It’s one thing to tell Whites they have higher IQ’s than blacks, but to tell blacks they have low IQ’s
    is cruel. There are some with over 100 IQ’s; which isn’t dumb. It’s also cruel to tell Whites Jews and Asians are smarter than Whites. I find it very offensive. Overall Jews have lower IQ’s at 98 than Whites at around 100. Remember, Germans have IQ’s as high as Ashkenazi, slightly higher than Japanese and Chinese. We have 40 million of them in the U.S. Let’s give these engineering and scientific whizzes some credit. Other Whites from other European countries are equally as intelligent.

    On a national level, to audiences of different races and ethnicities, he should stick with we want to live alone, in our own country, multiculturalism doesn’t work and why. We don’t like the anti-White labeling and hatred, targeting White police, erasing our history, blaming us for slavery and everything else. He should give numerous examples.

    That’s shocking in itself to say we no longer want to live with them, but to denigrate minorities to their faces is way beyond my values and sense of decency.

    He is making me very angry! He should leave Trump out of this when speaking to multi-racial and ethnic audiences and when the media is pointing cameras at him.

    Trump’s involvement goes no further than returning to the traditional America (that Whites created)
    mainly because he loves it and thinks it’s the best country in the world, and that everyone should embrace that culture and government. There is nothing he said that indicates he will show favoritism to Whites or save us from extinction.

    Consider he’s trying to bring everyone together and the Alt-Right is creating a hostile division between Whites and everyone else. I expect to read one of Trump’s tweets in the future reprimanding the Alt-Right for their ugly rhetoric.

    Some barriers harming Whites will be removed, but that will be done only to save the country. Saving White culture will make it easier for Whites to survive. We should use those opportunities to save ourselves.

    Some of what Spencer says is good, the problem is what he says for shock value is remembered, not the good. At times, he fits SPLC’s description to a T.

    • Check out the crime stats, we are already in a race war

      Whites need to wake the fuck up and understand that. The division among Whites is just that. Some small percentage of Whites understand the non White world is trying to destroy us vs the cucks.

    • My understanding is that Ashkenazis have the highest average *verbal* IQ, but are lower than average in spatial intelligence, and probably couldn’t engineer their way out of a wet paper bag. This could help to explain why their Holohoax stories so consistently defy physical reality, and why most of their “scientists” have been fraudsters promoting things like “relativity,” or involved in the Nuclear Weapon hoax.

  3. The commenter’s above are exactly right. It is inevitable that there will be blood, purge, and cleansing Trump or no Trump. I do not look forward to it, because peaceful Caucasian culture is based on order and civility, and I value these things above all others. Only evil YT has the DNA to accomplish and maintain this. As General Maximus said in “Gladiator”, “I have seen the world, and it is brutal and dark, Rome is the light”. Well just substitute the USA for Rome and that statement is still accurate. I do not know the hour, but I am prepared and keep improving my fighting position. Ain’t no one going to take as good a care of you as you.

  4. @SFC Ton

    “Check out the crime stats, it is already the bloody kind.”

    When I see Whites actively shooting in the streets as in Civil War, I’ll agree with you.

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