Tucker Carlson Becoming Biggest Fox News Star: (((Democrat Congressman))) Says He’s Working for the Kremlin

Of course, Tucker is big. Like Trump, he secretly works for Putin.

New York Magazine

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the leading Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has not been shy about calling out Russia for its alleged attempts to influence U.S. elections through hacking. Nor has he shied away from criticizing Donald Trump for continuing to question whether the DNC hack was Russian-led, as multiple intelligence agencies have determined. On MSNBC today, he said Trump’s denials make him a “propaganda piece for the Kremlin.”

It’s not the first time he’s used that line of attack, nor is Trump the first person to find himself on the business end of it. On Wednesday, Schiff appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to talk about this very issue. Like Trump, Carlson has questions about whether Russia’s role in the hacking has been proven. Noting the intelligence community was also certain about the WMDs in Iraq, he describes himself as “skeptical” of Schiff’s willingness to blame Vladimir Putin for the hack of John Podesta’s Gmail account. The interview reached a crescendo when Schiff accused the Fox host of being a Russian agent — “You’re carrying water for the Kremlin!” — and Carlson repeatedly dared Schiff to look into the camera and say, without equivocation, that he knew Russia was responsible for hacking John Podesta’s emails.

Schiff is a Jew. Jews lie. What do you expect.

Here’s Tuck going head-to-head with the clever, articulate Jew. Schiff denigrates Tuck toward the end of the interview.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must reveal that I too am a spy for Russia. Hey FBI guys, come get me. The Russians pay me in vodka. I think I’m becoming an alcoholic. Save me from myself, nice FBI man.

vladimir-putin-laughing gif

8 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Becoming Biggest Fox News Star: (((Democrat Congressman))) Says He’s Working for the Kremlin

  1. “I’m utterly opposed to abortion, which I think is horrible and cruel. I think affirmative action is wrong. I’d like to slow immigration pretty dramatically. I hate all nanny state regulations, such as seat belt laws and smoking bans. I’m not for big government. I think the U.S. ought to hesitate before intervening abroad,” says Carlson.

    Hated a stint at CNN and other liberal media where he worked. I guess you have to take what you can get for experience until you find your niche. He caught my eye on Fox and Friends Weekend several years ago. Very likable.

  2. My first impression is that Tuckers voice is too high for my tastes, like most men on TV these days, and he talks way too fast. Next, he talks over his guest constantly. So many times an unelected journalist thinks the public only cares about their opinion and not the guest on the show – even it is a National Leader. Journalists shoudl ask a question, wait for the answer, then ask another question. That never seems to happen these days. I managed to watch about half.
    Yes, anyone with a name like (((Schiff))) or (((Shiff))) is a big liar and never to be trusted.
    This “Intelligence Community” thing is absolute bull. If it is true, then why not wheel out the Director of the CIA to say it in person.
    If it is true, why help the Kremlin to do better next time? If it is false, and I think that it is, it is asking for payback from the Russian “intelligence” community. Just what Songbird and the (((neocons))) want. This allegation is a deliberate warlike provocation against Russia by a “democratic” country, and undermines the President elect. This story is an attack on the mood of most of the US population, who do not want to go to war with Russia. 1917 and 1941 all over again. As usual, the Jews are banging the war drum.
    That POS Schiiff even dared to say “Russians are bombing civilians in Syria” as if any politician in the USA cares about civilians anywhere. He is actually upset that Russia is killing iSIS fighters.

    The USA is the worlds only rogue nation. Why?
    When did the Axis of Evil last attack another country that had done them no harm? When did North Korea last invade the South? What has Iran done but defend itself from US and Israeli aggression, such as the US inspired attack by Saddam Hussein, and help to fight ISIS and support the Govt of Syria? Plus indirectly take over most of Iraq thanks to US bungling and stupidity. US wars never seem to end well even in victory, and WWII is the classic.

    • This Trump is a Russian agent is trending huge on Twitter. MicroSantaPizzaPhD explains it by bots rolling out anti-Trump Tweets by the tens of thousands. He’s a computer engineer named Michael Anderson. He’s been banned 20 something times by Twitter, but keeps coming back. There are several imposters who are trying to imitate him. I think he knows his computers and how Twitter works. Thus, I believe that there’s a conspiracy to bombard everyone with the Trump is a Russian agent nonsense. All the big news agencies have stories on that–often multiple stories.

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  4. The last expression of Schiff’s face is pretty telling.

    Something like, “I’m going to tell the Jew on you”. “You are off script Tucker………..going to insist my cousins fire you.”

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