Trump Responds to Report that Russians Helped Him Win

Julian Assange has hinted that the repulsive hacked DNC (Democrat National Committee) emails were passed on to Wikileaks by murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.

But Obama’s CIA has given him the report he wanted: The Russians did it.

This is bullsh*tting of the highest order, put out with a straight face by lying Obama. No one in the DNC has denied that the incriminating emails are real. This diversionary tactic is intended to delegitimize President Trump with yet another smear job.

Business Insider

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team is casting doubt on a CIA report that claimed Russia tried to aid him in the US election.

“The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history.” the Trump transition team’s statement read. “It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.'”

According to the report, intelligence officials identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with hacked emails and other documents that were damaging to the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

In October, US intelligence officials formally accused Russia of hacking the Democratic Party after a series of cyberattacks against the organization.

While the US initially thought Russia was trying to sew doubt in the US electoral process, intelligence officials now say Russia’s apparent goal was to elect Trump.

The Post’s report came hours after President Barack Obama ordered a “full review” of Russia’s alleged involvement, due before Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

Trump has repeatedly dismissed the possibility of Russia’s involvement in the election.

In an interview with Time published this week, Trump said the previous hacks could have been caused by Russia, or China, or “some guy in his home in New Jersey.”

A sinister explanation for this nonsense is that Obama plans to cancel the election results and declare martial law. He can claim that the election was rigged FOR Trump by Russia and that in reality, Trump lost. This spring Obama might call for a new election or simply install Hillary in the Oval Office as Americans stare at the barrels of federal guns enforcing Obama’s dictims.

That’s too far out for me, but is has to be considered as a possibility.

9 thoughts on “Trump Responds to Report that Russians Helped Him Win

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  2. People are lying to Trump. Has anyone against trump ever spoken the truth? Peopole know that answer to that. People against have never spoken the truth to Trump. Why do you think this is the truth?

  3. Why would Russia do this? There is a risk that at some stage Trump might attack Syria or Iran and somehow inadvertently end up at war with Russia. Same risk with Hillary but Trump has even more of an eye on his place in the history books. Peacemakers are forgotten within ten years, war makers live on for thousands of years, even if they are the baddies, none more so than Hitler. Maybe Xerxes etc.
    Clinton blew the shit out of Christian Serbia, Obunghole buggered up Libya to free tens of millions of Coons to invade Europe. But Afghanistan and Iraq happened while a brain dead republican was in the White House, George Dubya Shrub. The same dude was in with the Jews in the crime of 911. Plus, he let Jews write the 911 Report and set up the DHS.

    To over simplify, Republicans seem to be more inclined to attack innocent nations militarily than Democrats. Or to allow Israel/Mossad to kill 3,000 US citizens. Although no war is a bad war as far as the secret real Govt of the (((USA))) is concerned.

    The CIA is a dodgy and lawless organization, paid for by the taxpayer plus their own crimes.

      • MicroSantaPizzaPhD is right that Eastern Europe is crawling with dubious American citizens. Though many Americans there are normal people who like the low prices and attractive women. Some are missionaries, usually the fringe things like Mormons , Bible Thumpers, many are agents, some are Scientologists and other cult member seekers. EE people are vulnerable to these people, who go there to “help”. Poor people make good marks. Even some US swindlers do well in Eastern Europe, often in the Marriage Agency business and other such rackets preying on lonely foreign men. Naturally this one is getting out of date. But armchair lovers who avoid traveling still get conned.

        It annoys me that Western missionaries prey on a Christian country – the Orthodox faith. They should instead go to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan where they will get a warm welcome.

        Some cults are banned in Russia such as the Hare Krishna and this shows that Russia has made many good decisions.

  4. Ok so let’s take a different view about this. What if Russia did indeed help him. So what?
    Hillary can get money from saudi arabia, who also funds ISIS, so she is helped by them. She was also helped by almost every single tv station and other forms of mass media that are popular in the USA.
    If Russia really did help Trump, so what? what exactly could they do more than the mass media that was already established in the USA?

    I think they are just trying to find a scapegoat to pin their failure on to please the bankers and the ones who helped Hillary.
    They can’t just say oh we won because some people woke up. They have to blame it on someone so that they have a reason for even more control, because “oh we have to do it because our brainwashing techniques aren’t as effective anymore” is not really a valid reason.

    That and to increase animosity towards Russia in case of a future war, because the other 45% that voted for Hillary will actually believe this crap.

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