Negro Cop Killer Offs Himself to the Sorrow of No One



Since this NBC News report was published, both officers shot and killed by a suicidal Negro have died.

NBC News

A gunman who allegedly killed one police officer and critically injured another in Georgia is dead after a 27-hour manhunt, officials said on Thursday.

Americus Police Chief Mark Scott said Minquell Kennedy Lembrick, 32, was found dead with what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside a residence on Allen Street. Authorities surrounded the house after receiving a tip at 10:02 a.m. that Lembrick had holed himself inside the home.

No one else was inside when authorities entered the home.

The manhunt for Lembrick had intensified Thursday morning with more than 200 law enforcement officers across multiple agencies joining the search.

Minquell escaped after the shooting near Georgia Southwestern State University on Wednesday morning, and was considered armed and dangerous, authorities said. Overnight, officials raised the award for Lembrick’s arrest to $70,000.

Authorities said Lembrick fatally shot Americus police Officer Nicholas Ryan Smarr and wounded university police Officer Jody Smith at an apartment complex at about 9:40 a.m. ET on Wednesday near the campus in Americus, which is in Sumter County about halfway between Columbus and Albany.

Smarr, 25, was responding to a call for a domestic disturbance when he was shot, police said. Smith, who was providing backup, was flown by medical helicopter to a trauma center in Macon. As of Thursday morning, Smith was out of surgery but remained in critical condition.

Police said the two officers had been best friends since high school and went to the same police academy together.

The university, where students had been streaming out after final exams concluded Tuesday, remained on lockdown Wednesday as officers made a painstaking building-by-building safety check. After it was announced Lembrick was dead, the school announced that campus operations are back to normal.

Police confirmed reports that a Facebook account under the name “Minguell Gstreet Lembrick” belonged to the alleged shooter. In a video, Lembrick said, “I’m gonna miss y’all folks, man.” It had accompanying posts saying he didn’t plan to be taken alive.

The account, whose authenticity NBC News hasn’t verified, was quickly deleted.

Egalitarians still deny that blacks lack self control and that they commit more crimes on a per capita basis than whites. At least Minquell (what a name!) had the decency to off himself and thus save the taxpayers of Georgia the cost of his lifetime incarceration and/or the cost of a trial.

5 thoughts on “Negro Cop Killer Offs Himself to the Sorrow of No One

  1. He committed suicide to my sorrow PJ. Initially my reaction wa ” Good. Saved a bullet” but as the day progressed I had second thoughts and deleted the meme of one of his many mugshots with those exact words I’d added. When I learned of Officer Smith’s death later in the day I was glad I’d pulled my meme
    This is truly heartbreaking on so many levels. Friends since high school, academy together, and for a while same departments. When Officer Smith heard the domestic call and knew Officer Smarr was responding alone, he backed him up. Such a testament to the bonds of friendship, loyalty, and epitomizes the word “heroes”. I was very proud of the sheriff during the news briefing when a female reporter asked him to confirm that one of the officers was engaged to the other one’s sister. He ignored her! The media is going to be bombarding both families soon enough because of their jackal mindset.
    Very tragic day, Two promising lives ended at the hand of someone with over 30 pages of criminal history. Then he takes the cowardly way out and commits suicide. Would have preferred to see him go down riddled with bullets. I also hope they don’t have to release Officer Smarr’s body cam to the media. Give him he respect he deserves. Not to much to ask since he gave him s life – all 25 years of it.

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  3. I am watching the original Death Wish on Youtube right now. I often wish that real life was like the movies. By the by, groids being humanoid, but not human, have no soul, thus no afterlife.

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