Muzzies Beat the Sh*t Out of Elderly German Woman, Police Refuse to Intervene

It’s telling that I can find no information on this story other than the same Twitter video published by several Tweeters.

The narration is in German, which I don’t understand.

Anyone knowing more about this video, please post a comment.

Commenter Magna Ubera embedded the relevant video below in one of yesterday’s posts. I’m embedding it here so that more people can see it.

7 thoughts on “Muzzies Beat the Sh*t Out of Elderly German Woman, Police Refuse to Intervene

      • What other means? The courts, the pigs and the government in general is doing what to stop these attacks?

        Fact is thone institutions are doing everything they can to ensure these attacks contuine

  1. Man, I hope the Germans find their spirit of Arminius and monkey-stomp the sh*t out those towel-heads. And then begin a new Final Solution to both the Jewish Question and the Muslim Question.

  2. Upon my initial viewing of this Pat Condell’s video on muslims, I spontaneously thought that this man was the real deal, hence my reposting it here. Alas, I started having doubts about this man when YouTube censored-out the favourable comment I made about that video.

    I thought to myself; Why would YouTube disallow MY comment whilst this man’s words, if spoken by yours truly here in Canada, would absolutely send MY white ass to jail for quite a while.

    Now I know why; Whilst this Pat Condell’s video rings so much truth about muslims, he has in the past, posted a favourable video about jews/zionists, THAT’S why he’s allowed to freely continue blasting the muslims. Take a look:

    I wish I could tell Mr. Condell how joyful I get when witnessing fightings between jews and muslims, kinda like the same way I get joyful when seeing Italian mobsters and hell’s angels bikers going at each other, or even better still, liberals v. liberals.

    Anyway, whilst Pat Condell’s position (which is really a zionist’s position) on muslims is to be applauded on its face value alone, let us be warned that evil-mindedness allows for peculiar bedfellows.

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