Modern Liberal America Captured in One Perfect, Poetic Picture


Trash everywhere, a foreign street shitter shitting on the sidewalk, graffiti on the walls, fat ugly, tatted celebrity (((Lena Dunham))) representing the modern woman. The only thing missing is a tranny giving somebody a BJ.

This picture of Weimerica represents what white America voted against on November 8, 2016. It represents perfectly the diversity that liberals fervently embrace.

16 thoughts on “Modern Liberal America Captured in One Perfect, Poetic Picture

  1. She is so disgusting, and she loves that area. It’s like a pig in a mud puddle rolling around in it. It comforts her. She is gross and she looks pregnant. Her type is the very reason this country really can be called “Weimarica” – good take on that btw.

  2. Looks like Sydney. It is wonderful how Nigger art has spread all round the Western world. Makes me feel so good that unemployed young people of all colours work 12 hours a day vandalising all public property – and a lot of private property. Maybe we will have a vandal led recovery? Does the USA not have any money to pay for public toilets, like India? I have been told in writing by US journalists that the USA is the richest country in the world. Why then do so many people live like wild animals, after 50 years of the Great Society?
    BTW, why is there a British flag on the rubbish bin, trash can, or ash can?
    Could this be Photoshopped? Looks like it to me. The old railing looks British. Maybe this is London. What about the Green/Yellow sticker – South Africa maybe. What about all the men standing outisde pink house with many, many planted flowers. Strange contrast. Something is wrong here – might that be a homo club?

    “Make America Clean Again”.

    • The flowers do make for a nice contrast.

      Since Dunham lives in NY, I believe, I assume that is the location. I also assume the photographer was trying to make a statement.

      Street shitting is allowed in NYC now as is street pissing. Thanks to Mayor de Blasio.

      It could be a different city. Does Dunham go to London?

      Here in San Antonio, the taggers as they’re called are paid by the city government to do their tagging (spray paints) at selected locations. That’s my recollection. I know the city was honoring them as “artists” via some sort of mayoral proclamation.

      Art, my ass!!!!

      • Street shitting OK in Jew York!!! Must be to appease all the Hindooze flooding into the US street pooping is part of their culture. Isn’t Jew York Shitty where they are installing public masturbation booths?

        Boston is also honoring graffiti subhuman yoofs as aspiring artists. The picture could also pass for many streets in Boston and it’s burbs.

        A couple of times I have needed eye bleach after seeing a big black buck finger banging then some blond white skank then her sucking his muh dick on a crowded Boston subway trolley. No one batted an eyelash…..but I bet if it was a white guy, swat teams, the FBI and the morality police would descend upon him.

      • On the left side of the photo there is the rear end of a parked car. From that it looks like this took place in a city where you drive on the right which means this isn’t in England or Australia.

  3. If you look to the extreme left just beyond the lamp post you can see a large movie camera lens, probably showing a point of view shot of what Dunham is seeing. It’s part of a show she’s doing I’ll bet, typical, toilet humour.

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  5. The pregnant woman is what the trannies are trying to get us to refer to as a “birthing individual”.

    Don’t hold your breath.

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