A brave lone German woman takes on a horde of Muslims!

You won’t believe what Heidi Mund did in an historic Christian church contaminated by the presence of an Imam preaching the religion of Allah.

Published November 24, this video only has 8,000 views. Share it with anyone who might be interested, especially Christians.

A selection of youtube comments:

JEWS zionists/satanists/luciferians infiltrated on every level in institutions. Cultural marxism is the agenda, commies dream came true. White race is being genocide. You fucking demoralized delusional brainwashed germans should be proud WHITE RACE instead of feeling false “Guilty” for German past. for so called holocaust? Shit is fictional. Jews brainwashed you all if you keep letting this agenda goes on, not only you but whole white race will be wiped out.God damn it


Oh GOD, Bless this brave woman with thousands of her German Patriots to stand with her.

This is what every German soul should foster, and every German being should protect his/her country. It is the only thing they really have. God bless you, German woman.

CBN News

A lot of Germans warned that Merkel was bringing disaster with her refugee policy, including the woman who awoke a lot of Germans to the threat of Islam, Heidi Mund, also known as the “brave German woman.”

The video of Mund interrupting the call to prayer by a Muslim imam in a German cathedral went viral on the Internet. She shouted, “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany. I break this curse.”

Now, after a migrant influx, Mund says she believes that some German leaders want to destroy Germany.

“I believe, I am really convinced, there are bad people of darkness who want to destroy us. They are servants of the devil,” she told CBN News. “They are sick in their opinion and they don’t care if it will cost lives or not, it will be bloody or not. They want to destroy; they want to take over.”

Before the terrorism that hit Germany, before the massive New Years’ Eve sex attacks in Cologne and other cities, Mund says God spoke to her about her country’s future.

“God gave me a vision two times. I saw a human prayer chain standing around Germany. I spoke out a warning that the young Muslim men would increase the raping rate,” she said. “I spoke out a warning, first to my brothers and sisters in Christ, that we need to pray against the raping. I told them we would face danger — especially our children, our girls, our women.”

She sent the warning to her followers on Facebook, and because of that, Mund was investigated by the local prosecutor for hate speech.

Then, what she warned of came true. Germany is now in the grips of what some are calling a rape epidemic. The hate speech charge again Mund has been dropped.

“It was not a lie. It’s not hate speech. I don’t have hatred in my heart,” she said. “I love my people and also those refugees.”

Pray for Heidi. Pray for Germany.

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10 thoughts on “A brave lone German woman takes on a horde of Muslims!

  1. Wow! Heidi’s doing God’s work before everyone’s eyes. If only they would recognize it as such. It took great courage to do what she did. God has already blessed her. Let’s pray she stays safe!

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  3. Honestly I got choked up watching her; a feeling or pride? of hope that one by one maybe we can join together and put an end to this 4th world savage insanity. It has to begin with or include the removal of all elite level globalists; kissinger, bush, soros, brazinski, rockefella, gates, etc, etc

    I pray for her protection

      • I lived in rural France for a few years. We had an Imam once make a call to prayers outside of the small 1100 year old church near which my wife and I would sometimes take a walk. No one was saying anything as he stood in the courtyard, so I went up to him and made a threatening gesture at him. He took a step back. I then began cursing him (Vous etes une saloppe du Diable!–You are a slut of the Devil!). He jumped over a small fence and ran up the street without saying another word. A few bystanders nodded at me but they too walked off quickly. And I thought to myself: Is this what living under communism is like? I then realized that one day all of those beautiful ancient cathedrals would one day become mosques. It gives me shivers just thinking about it…

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