Young Aussie Boy Sent Home from School for Having a Boy’s Haircut, “Nazi Style”

File this story away as political correctness gone amok.


A boy in Australia was allegedly sent home from school for looking like a boy. reports Jake, a student at Corpus Christi College in Australia, was sent home after his teachers argued his new short haircut could “offend” people.

Jake’s mother, Sandra Fedele, told 6PR’s Gary Adshead, “This morning he went to school on his last day to get his exam results, he’s Year 10, he got told, he text me and said ‘Mum, I’ve been told I have to go home, I’m not allowed to be at school, my hair’s too short.’”

“We had a wedding on the wedding and he got his hair cut. So has his hair cut short on the side and it’s cut just a little long on the top. It’s not even 2 centimeters long on top, so it’s not like it’s a long fringe down to his nose or anything like that. He’s just got a boy’s haircut. Literally a boy’s haircut,” she explained.

When Sandra arrived at school, teachers allegedly told her the haircut violated school rules for being too short and therefore potentially offensive.

Even though Jake’s mother provided a barber’s note that the haircut was a “number two,” which falls under the school’s guidelines, the school said Jake had to wear a hat for the rest of class since his hair was still too short.

“He hasn’t got a shaved head, stripes or swirls to say he looks gangster-ish. It’s a boy’s haircut,” Sandra said.

Upon observing a photo of Jake and his new haircut, Adshead said, “It’s not even a short back and sides, essentially, because it’s a short back and long enough on top, and it’s longer on the top. It’s clear as day.”

Asked for a statement by the West Australian, Corpus Christi declined to comment. Catholic Education WA said the school cannot comment on individual situations:

The college has a clearly defined and consistently applied uniform policy, and parents and caregivers agree to this policy when enrolling their child as a student of the college.

It is intended that uniform standards will be adhered to by all students, whenever attending school.

Decisions by college staff regarding the enforcement of the uniform policy are always made in the best interests of each student’s education.

After social media backlash, Jake was eventually allowed to attend his school end-of-term Rivercruise, which Sandra had reportedly already paid for twice.

Haha. Although the school won’t say so, they’re clearly thinking that Jake has a Richard Spencer “Nazi” haircut. We mustn’t have any little Hitlers running around, mustn’t we. If we let him have his short haircut, he might do the Nazi salute (horrors).

Here’s the hipster Nazi style haircut:

11 thoughts on “Young Aussie Boy Sent Home from School for Having a Boy’s Haircut, “Nazi Style”

  1. Paladin…Here in Aus the POS Trotskyist psychopaths have invaded the education, media & most levels of government ?? Everthing offend them ?? Except homopaedophiles which they do support at 100%…

  2. I think the “evil Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews” haircut is the greatest. I lost my hair and am envious of anyone who can have that hairstyle. Like Samson, without that hairstyle, I can not raise my arm in the Nazi salute.

  3. Well, I grew a beard when the jew york slimes [or whomever] said that beards were racist. Now it looks like Im gonna hafta get a haircut. My mom will be pleased…tho the beard stays, which she hates but my wife likes! 🙂

  4. Ironically that type of hair cut is all the rage with poofters, who always wear the latest fashions and spend a lot of money on new fashion clothes. Maybe older male poofter boyfriends pay for all these hairstyles and new clothes?
    How times change. More than 40 years ago I started a job and was spotted a few days later – the same week – by a Senior Manager. My boss was ordered to tell me to cut my hair. Which was not long by the standards of the time,
    I refused and was fired with no compensation, though I got paid for my work. These days I would probably win a handy lawsuit. Obviously my hair did not grow longer is a just a few days.
    That was an Insurance company, one of many reasons I hate insurance companies who are crooks and scammers.

  5. “violated school rules for being too short and therefore potentially offensive.”
    When I went to a boys only High School in Sydney in the 1960s, the rule was the exact opposite.

    Since God gifted me with high testosterone and early baldness – like Donald Trump – I now cut my hair very short with a US made Wahl hair cutter. I am also offended by my own baldness and women do not dig it all all. Women seem to be easily deceived by ridiculously youthful wigs on elderly men which I find revolting, I hate fraud of all kinds. Moral – if you can;t beat em, join em. That is why so many American men wear rugs. Maybe baldness is payback for me wearing long hippie style hair in the late 1970s. Good news I have not paid for a haircut in 15 years.

    • As a woman, I think baldness is the new hip and cool, whatever your age. Especially with all the new creative treatments, like tattoos and ear piercings and the many beard styles available. Find which ones are most flattering to you. Try to put your mind in the frame of celebrating your baldness and be glad it’s in style now. Too much hair on a man looks childish anyway (and a low hairline can mean alcoholism, since heavy drinking damages the male hormones. That’s why you see so many alkies with a lot of hair — look at Bannon for example — and women with that low “whisky tenor” voice)

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