Time’s Smear Job of the Year: Trump a “huckster,” Hillary an “American Moses”

Time magazine’s much anticipated announcement of it’s 2016 Person of the Year came early Wednesday morning. The “winner,” a dubious honor, is American president-elect Donald Trump.

Rather than provide readers with a carefully crafted analyis of why Trump achieved the near impossible, Time used its editorial space to smear Trump.

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President-elect Donald Trump was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year on Wednesday – and the honor basically ended there.

In describing Trump, Time’s article almost exclusively used backhanded compliments. For instance, while the piece said he “did what no American politician had attempted in a generation,” it added that he “magnified the divisions of the present, inspiring new levels of anger and fear within his country.”

Among the descriptions of what it called “Trump’s America,” Time described a land “where a hijab-wearing college student in New York reports being attacked and jeered at in the next President’s name, where American-born children ask their citizen parents if Trump will deport them, where white supremacists throw out Nazi salutes in Washington meeting halls for their President-elect.” [It is worth noting that President Obama is still in charge until January.]

The article on Hillary Clinton is much different. Subtitled “The winner of the popular vote leaves a complicated legacy,” the tone is worlds away from the fulminating darkness that permeates the Trump piece.

The opening paragraph reads more like the prologue of St. John’s Gospel than an essay on a presidential runner-up, saying of Clinton: “she became a symbol in a fight that was about much more than symbolism.”

“She’s the woman who was almost President, she is what might have been and what will yet be.”

Even when writer Charlotte Alter offered criticism of the former secretary of state, she implied Clinton’s mistakes stemmed from her fundamental strengths, or were the fault of her critics.

“Long before she ever ran for office, Clinton built up a sturdy shield. Decades of attacks on her looks, her judgment, her marriage and her motivations left Clinton reflexively contained and guarded. But armor both insulates and obscures, and those self-protective traits may have led to some of her most damning mistakes, like the creation of a private email server and her fumbling rationale for it,” Alter wrote.

After discussing what Clinton’s failed candidacy means for future female candidates, Time likened Clinton to “an American Moses.”

“Like an American Moses, she was an imperfect prophet, leading women to the edge of the Promised Land. Now it’s up to another woman to enter it.”

Time claims that the Donald inspires hatred and fear. Sorry, guys, it’s your silly Magic Negro Obama who did that. Allowing Muslim terrorists will make people afraid. Fifty dead faggots in an Orlando gay club will do that. So will dissolving the borders of a nation.

Time’s Hillary worship is also as stupid as you’re likely to come across. She was tagged Crooked Hillary because she and her husband are crooks.

Should anyone be surprised that the smear job on Donald J. Trump continues? Nope! The surprise would be if the press started covering the honest concerns of white people and the Donald’s political appeal honestly.

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9 thoughts on “Time’s Smear Job of the Year: Trump a “huckster,” Hillary an “American Moses”

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  2. Paladin you are a “shit stirrer” as we call them in Australia. USA readers might call you a “Shitlord” with much the same meaning. Most of your articles make your readers angry, which is what you want, to get the comments flowing. Then a gag or two, a quote or two and above all puppy dog and pitbull stories to touch the heart – but not mine. Their seems to be some psychological expertise at work here in creating addictive type entertainment – well done, it works with me. How about chucking in a few more right wing victory stories which will make even non dog lovers happy? I refuse to keep taking the bait.

    That is my first lie on this site, of course i will keep nibbling at the free bait. But I will not take the hook, line and sinker. I usually stop reading these insulting (((MSM))) articles half way through, or even less. Fox News is like a stopped clock, correct twice a day.

    I am dumbstruck and horrified that Trump won Person Of The Year on (((Time))). This is a list of evil doers only matched by the Nobel Peace Prize, maybe the Nobel Prize for Literature comes close – Freud and Bob Dylan two such swine on that list. . Combine the two lists and you get the most evil bastards and trouble makers of the 20th and 21st Centuries. Maybe really a list of who sells newspapers? Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, Merkel and now Trump. Naturally Jews outweigh their 2% numbers hugely. Mandela, Henry Kissinger – when will Soros get one?

    Trump must have already agreed to attack Iran, which is something I have worried about him all along. Time is the leading indicator of Jew mischief, as they showed with choosing Merkelstein as winner last year. Naturally the current (((Pope))) won a few years ago.

    • You have me figured out. Shitlord is a compliment. Thank you.

      One thing you missed is women. The damsel in distress, the woman with uncontrolled sexual urges, and the sad dead damsel are another foundation of the shitlord strategy used by me. This is in opposition to Andrew Anglin who only runs hit pieces toward women. I think his youthful Nazis must have a strong dislike for women.

      Oh, and don’t forget that I sometimes throw in a kitty or kitten, but in general men like dogs better than they like cats.

      Regarding victories for the right, every day is like Christmas with Trump. However, bad news dominates the news reported by the press, which maybe reflects the personality of the tribe who own the press.

      • Yes I forgot women. As I said to a woman one day “If a man wanted a friend, why would he choose a woman”?

        There are also some women that wisely refuse to have women as friends. What I am talking about is the female tendency to explode with rage on the slightest provocation, or assumed insult – even to close friends or relatives. I can do without that. Exception, women who give great sex. Then the pain is almost worthwhile. Whilst I can have an argument with a male friend, only females feel entitled to dump their bad feelings on me.

        I favour young white men and women getting married and having children, and staying together until the kids grow up. I managed it even if my own selfish parents could not. My wife ended our marriage to marry a wog 7 years younger than me. She ditched him when he stopped working. Many white couples stay together for ever and I envy them. This includes many Hollywood actors and I have a lot of respect for those actors.

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