Photo of Afghan “Teen” Who Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Shows Degenerate Gangsta Rapper as German Hate for Refugees Explodes

Muh shitskin looks older than 17, which he claims to be. The Daily Mail tells us that he was a gangsta rapper.

Daily Mail

The family of an EU official’s teenage daughter who was allegedly raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant in Germany has asked for well-wishers to donate money to a refugee charity.

Medical student Maria Ladenburger, who had also taken time out to help asylum seekers as a volunteer, was found dead in a river in the south-western German university city of Freiburg in October.

The first picture has since emerged of Hussein K., the 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who was arrested on suspicion of the rape and murder after a hair matching the alleged perpetrator was found at the crime scene.

As the 19-year-old student’s family tries to come to terms with their loss, they have asked for donations to be made to an organisation that aids refugees.

Maria, 19, worked in her spare time in the ancient university city of Freiburg helping out the migrants in various shelters and homes. But in October, as she cycled home after a party, she was ambushed, raped and then drowned in a river.

No good deed goes unpunished when you’re dealing with Muslims.

Some might say the girl deserved what she got, but that would be wrong.

She’s just one of millions of whites that we have failed to awaken. We have to keep getting our message of race realism out in order to alert these girls to the truth about how much danger the West faces from the presence of these Satanic monsters.

The killing has sparked frenzied new waves of hatred and fear of refugees.

Even the boss of the country’s police union said her death would have been prevented had the open door asylum-seeker policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel been less lax than it is.

There has been little or no vetting of refugees pouring into the country.

The killing is the biggest jolt to Mrs Merkel’s plans for integration since the frenzied sexual assaults of New Year’s Eve in Cologne when mobs of immigrant men sexually molested and robbed hundreds of defenceless women.

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has been quick to piggyback on Hussein K.’s arrest to highlight what it says are the dangers of unregulated immigration. It calls Maria a ‘victim of Merkel’s welcome culture.’

Hussein K. was born in Ghazni in Afghanistan and came to Germany as an illegal unaccompanied minor in November 2015.

In numerous posts on the Internet he liked to present himself in the guise of a gangsta rapper: hair slicked back with gel, jogging pants and training shoes.

On Facebook, before the killing of Maria on October 16, he wore his hair long but it was cut back after the crime.

Speaking the truth to power, Maria’s blood is on Angela Merkel’s hands. It’s also on the hands of her family.

A father’s job is to keep his daughter safe. Maria’s father failed. To compound this a**hole’s errors, he’s asking for donations for “refugees.” F*ck him. Not only is he OK with his daughter being dead, but he’s putting OTHER GIRLS in danger by supporting the rag-head invasion of his country.

Even while burying his daughter, Maria’s father was virtue signaling. Sick!

8 thoughts on “Photo of Afghan “Teen” Who Raped and Murdered Maria Ladenburger Shows Degenerate Gangsta Rapper as German Hate for Refugees Explodes

  1. We can not blame the young girl. Women were meant to be taught and led by their parents and families. If the family beliefs are defective, then the children’s beliefs will be distorted and defective. Europe at one time was a peaceful and secure utopia compared to how it is today. (((They))) led the charge to deceive everyone regards racial reality and, (((they))), through control of the media and pop culture, wield the club to beat anyone who does not conform to their demonic narrative. The same thing exists in the U.S. with regard to our groids and “anti-semitism”. This poor girl is just one casualty in an ongoing genocide of us evil YT’s.

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  4. “There has been little or no vetting of refugees pouring into the country.”
    Correction, no vetting. Only to exclude white people like Ukrainians trying to escape their Soros War Zone. Only Muslims and blacks are welcome in Germany. No war necessary in your black or brown country, just walk in to Germany and start raping and living on welfare. We will kick out white people and give you a home immediately. Has a Muslim or Jewish Hitler taken over the Govt of Germany, without being elected? Maybe Goldman Sachs runs Germany as they do so many other countries? Mayhem is profitable.

    It is a good thing for the future of Germany that these young women are raped and murdered so quickly by these vermin. This will end all Muslim and all black invasions of Europe.

    If their (((IQ95 handlers))) and the IQ80 invaders had any brains, the millions of scum would obey laws and keep quiet. They would wait ten or twenty years until there were hundreds of millions of law abiding black bastard and Muslim scum in Europe.
    Then on a signal from the ((handlers))) they would take over every European country and introduce Sharia law. Plus end all voting.

    Some people like this mid 20s Scumstan “teenager” can not wait for Sharia law. He raped and killed her (mostly for fun) because she was alone at 2.30 a.m. which is a crime for a Botulism woman in their paradise countries.

    So hopefully the horrible rape and murder of beautiful young women will not be in vain. The (((MSM))) is no help of course but the Internet – and word of mouth – will out these criminals. Even lefty do gooder white German females must be wondering if they will be the next to be raped, murdered, or kicked down the stairs. Only hags are safe.

  5. The poor girl did not deserve this – her father did and does.
    10 to 1 ; 10 camelhumpers should be executed for every white life lost. At minimum.

    • Good idea and there is a legal precedent in wartime. it is legal to execute about ten local civilians in reprisal if one uniformed soldier is killed by a civilian terrorist not in uniform. 100 is considered too many by International Law.
      So, if an Afghan in Germany kills a German citizen, then ten Afghans must die immediately and with no trial, and preferably relatives of the killer or from his village.
      This would reduce the murder rate by Muzzies very fast.
      I would even favor stretching international law and executing say 20 for every German killed.
      There is a Crusade on right now and it is not Christians who are crusading.
      It is Holy Botulisms, out to conquer Europe as they tried and failed to do many times in the past. This time there were (((traitors))) who opened the gates.

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