Man in Funny Hat Who Lives in Vatican Says Fake News a SIN, Like a Fascination with POOP

This is weird. I’m not sure how to interpret Pope Francis and his message to the media.


Media that focus on scandals and spread fake news to smear politicians risk becoming like people who have a morbid fascination with excrement, Pope Francis said in an interview published on Wednesday.

Francis told the Belgian Catholic weekly “Tertio” that spreading disinformation was “probably the greatest damage that the media can do” and using communications for this rather than to educate the public amounted to a sin.

Using precise psychological terms, he said scandal-mongering media risked falling prey to coprophilia, or arousal from excrement, and consumers of these media risked coprophagia, or eating excrement.

The Argentine-born pontiff excused himself for using such terms in order to get his point across while answering a question about the correct use of the media.

“I think the media have to be very clear, very transparent, and not fall into – no offence intended – the sickness of coprophilia, that is, always wanting to cover scandals, covering nasty things, even if they are true,” he said.

“And since people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia, a lot of damage can be done.”

That section of the interview, all of which was distributed to reporters in an Italian translation of the interview in the pope’s native Spanish, contained some of the most blunt language the pontiff has ever used about the media.

He also spoke of the danger of using the media to slander political rivals.

“The means of communication have their own temptations, they can be tempted by slander, and therefore used to slander people, to smear them, this above all in the world of politics,” he said. “They can be used as means of defamation…”

“No-one has a right to do this. It is a sin and it is hurtful,” he said.

He described disinformation as the greatest harm the media can do because “it directs opinion in only one direction and omits the other part of the truth,” he said.

The pope’s comments on disinformation followed widespread debate in the United States over whether fake news on the internet might have swayed voters toward Republican candidate Donald Trump.

I guess the Pope is not a fan of Donald Trump’s Tweets. On the other hand, it was Trump who was and continues to be slandered by the media. Is the Pontiff defending Trump?

More generally, the issue can be addressed really simply. We in the alternative media, us millions of bloggers, Tweeters, etc., have a duty to deconstruct and destroy the false narratives set up by CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal, biased, anti-white, globalist New World Order media.

I wonder if the Pope will ever say that the Jews control the media.

5 thoughts on “Man in Funny Hat Who Lives in Vatican Says Fake News a SIN, Like a Fascination with POOP

  1. Yep, fake news is a sin. Just like all this news about invaders actually being refugees, or children when they are adults lying about their age, or that a lot of them are criminals, or that the police willfully ignores a lot of their crimes so that the people won’t catch on, how the mass media and tv stations for some (((reason))) always seem to have the same point of view etc.

    Fake news be damned i say!

  2. The Catholic Church is in bed with the Juden and has been now for many years. The CC is the world’s largest private land-owner and wealthiest non-gov’t entity in the world. It is also riddled with the corruption of the sodomite. The Jews are their bankers and natural allies in this worldly corruption. No surprises there.

  3. I imagine the ‘pope’ likes poop himself…at least when its from little boys.
    Every ‘pope’ since the 1100s has been a jew, and it shows. Catholicism is judaism light, wrapped in a fake name to fool the goy.

    And ‘fake news’ is indeed a sin – the sin of lying. The [[[msm]]] is, and has been guilty of it from Jesus’ time on earth til now. As is that babylonian den of iniquity known as the vatican.

  4. I just lost my all typing. Hate that. This site is bad for that and a horrible spell checker too. I should always type elsewhere and cut and paste. Email systems are good as they back up a draft while you type. The Microsoft Word that came with my computer is rotten – it crashes and forgets all the typing, unless i have saved as I go along.
    Maybe God did not like what I wrote about the (((MSM))) producing shit and the public enjoying eating it. Plus my comments about the Popes obsession with this idea, that people like to eat shit.

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