Countdown to Christmas: Wham’s Last Christmas and More

Click on the link to to take a fun little quiz that tests your knowledge of the lyrics.

As classic Christmas hits go, Wham!’s Last Christmas must surely be up there.

Although the song never actually made it to number one when it was released back in 1984 (kept off the top by Band Aid), George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s tale of festive love gone wrong sold over a million copies and is still a bit of a fixture on Christmas compilation albums everywhere.

But even though you’ve probably heard it a squillion times while you’re decorating the Christmas tree and tucking into mince pies, how closely have you been paying attention to the lyrics?

Fun! Watch this short winter sleigh ride video featuring charming horses pulling a sleigh. There’s also a tag-along dog and a pretty girl.

Published on Jan 1, 2013
Our great neighbour, Chris Budd, has worked so hard with his great team of Canadians: Coco and Guinness. He loves showing them off, especially now with his new sleigh.

Check out xmas clock to see how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until Christmas.

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