Seven Amazing Photos From December 7, 1941

That last photo shows the man who wanted war with Japan, no matter the cost in American lives. Let’s never forget General Smedley Butler’s dictim: All wars are banker’s wars.


The Pearl Harbor photos were sourced from Buzzfeed. There are 23 more equally dramatic photos at the link.

11 thoughts on “Seven Amazing Photos From December 7, 1941

  1. RIP to the honored fallen. Be aware though that in May 1940, FDR ordered the Pacific Fleet moved from San DIego to Hawaii. The Pacific Fleet Admiral (whose entire career had been devoted to studying Japanese naval warfare/tactics/strategy) respectfully protested ( the distance from U.S., no way to defend the fleet) and was sacked. The fleet was moved and of course the rest was history. FDR and his Juden supporters (White, Hiss, Morgenthau et al) wanted us involved in the war. Oh, not to mention that we had been actively embargoing Japan to deny them resources/raw materials. I retired from the military and truly love the U.S. (not the gov’t/bureaucracy), but I am also pissed that I believed the Juden lies for so long. As the man said: “The truth can be a hammer or a balm”.

    • All true and also suspicious was the sudden order to move the 4 modern aircraft carriers from Hawaii to unknown locations – but not towards Japan that is for sure. They were saved, and kept put of the battle also, because Roosevelt knew the Japs were on the way. Those Jews deliberately forced Japan to attack – or to lose face. Churchill and Roosevelt both knew the Japs were coming. They did not warn Pearl Harbour because if the Japs were defeated and repelled the war may have ended on the first day. This would have saved 36 million lives, not something that White or Roosevelt wanted to do. These traitors wanted China to become Commie and Chang Hi Shek to be defeated. As George Orwell stated, wars are not meant to be won but to be continuous. Afghanistan is a good example of this and Vietnam was another, WWII was another. Hitler had lost the war by 1943 but fought on. The war could easily have been ended if the allies had offered an Honorable peace to the Germans. Hitler would not have accepted but the Germans may have got rid of him if the Allies had been wise enough to do this. the whole Cold War (45 years of continuous warfare started by Churchill in two famous speeches) need not have happened. Unconditional surrender for both the Japs and Germans meant maximizing deaths and destruction and prolonging both wars, and also the fun of dropping atom bombs on human cities which the Americans very much wanted to do.

  2. “Congress Votes For War” from newspaper above. That was 1941. Maybe it happened in Korea. I am pretty sure that Congress voted to declare none of the wars of aggression of this Century as required by the Constitution. Us Presidents have become dictators attacking innocent countries like Iraq and Libya without Congressional approval. Same for most wars since 1945, such as the Vietnam War.

    From 2011 which I am not endorsing for the blogroll, most likely they are lefties………..
    “When the House of Representatives adjourned on March 17 for a week-long recess, few expected it was doing so on the eve of a major war. But indeed, within hours the UN had approved military strikes against Libya, and by March 19, the US was at war.

    Only it’s a war that President Obama started without even a cursory congressional vote. The previous two major wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, may never have been formally declared as the Constitution requires, but there were at least flimsy pretexts stemming from other congressional measures.

    Libya, however, has no such pretext. It isn’t even nominally part of the “global war on terror,” Congress didn’t vote on anything Libya-related, and the president appears to be using the UN Security Council vote as a substitute for a congressional one.”

  3. Remember this as y’all drive to work in your toyotas…

    the whole WW2 deal was solely to get the US into the war against Germany to save the bolshevik bastards in Russia. Chancellor Hitler understood the communist plot and knew [[[who]]] was behind it. Plus, and maybe even most importantly, he had thrown the bankers out of the most productive economy in the world and outlawed usury ; he had to be stopped.
    The stupid japanese were just tools – easily directed and none too bright. Add in their fierce nationalism and fanatical devotion to the emperor, and they were ripe. fdr’s handlers had to get them to attack us – the Germans did not want to, had no plans to, and would not do so. They had implored us to fight against the communists with them! Only by direct attack could TPTB convince Americans to enter the fray ; enough of ‘us’ had seen the debacle of ww1 and were singing the Who song ‘wont get fooled again’.

    [as an aside, the German/germanic people are most likely the directest descendants of the tribe of Judah, so the antiChrist jew hates them more than the rest of the true Israelites…]

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