Paedophile who kissed a child insists he’s a five-year-old girl and brought doll to court


At my former university employer, pedophiles were a dime a dozen. Many of them are lesbian feminists who are striving in their writings to normalize woman on little girl sex.

One of my colleagues had set up a telescope in his office to view the tiny tot cheerleaders who would spend a week or two on campus every summer. The youngsters had a practice area near his fourth floor office and he would observe the splits and tumbles through his telescope. Then go down, hang out, and watch up close.

Pedophilia is already normalized on university campuses as a type of sexual orientation.

As to the freak pictured above, hang him.

A 55-year-old sex offender sucked his thumb throughout a court hearing after his doll was taken off him.

Jorven Seren appeared before a judge after he forced himself on a girl outside a shop, kissing her in front of her mother.

He was arrested after people from a nearby church in Thanet, Kent, spotted the attack and contacted police.

They found more than 460 images of child abuse on his phone which he says were there after being persuaded to download them by a paedophile who has since died.

In court, Seren asked to be referred to as a woman and held the doll in his arms.

Judge Williams said: ‘That is totally inappropriate and I make it plain she will not be doing that for the rest of the hearing.’

In April last year members of a church had contacted officers after becoming concerned about Seren’s behaviour towards children.

Sometime later the victim’s mother saw Seren trying to get the attention of her very young child and later saw her child being kissed on the lips.

Hark! What’s that I hear? A college student of the cultural Marxist type:

Butt out you nosy old biddies. Child lovers are the future. My professor told me so. See this poster? What’s wrong with you? Pedos should be treated with respect!

The mother later described it as ‘a prolonged peck’ and immediately took the child away after becoming ‘deeply shocked’ by the incident.

Police had a meeting with Seren and noted ‘some items of concern’ in his home.

In July last year Seren was arrested and officers found the images on his computer which he claimed had been downloaded by a man known to police as a paedophile.

Paul Hogben defending Seren said: ‘I am sure looking at this defendant and the offences which she has admitted there is a great deal of concern.

‘There are no mental health issues but there are personality disorders. Miss Seren was born a man but since an early age felt she is more a woman than a man.’

Seren had pleaded guilty to indecent assault and downloading illegal child sex images.

The court heard how Seren thinks he is a five-year-old girl and is regarded as ‘highly vulnerable’.

Although psychiatrists concluded the defendant has personality problems he did not have any mental illness and he was jailed him for a total of 15 months.

Judge Williams told him: ‘I know it will be difficult for you to serve a custodial sentence but I have a duty to protect the public and especially young children.’

Where is a Jewish headshrinker when you need one? I’m sure there’s one who would have testified that muh pedo’s behavior is normal and that it’s all our fault for not giving pedos safe spaces.

12 thoughts on “Paedophile who kissed a child insists he’s a five-year-old girl and brought doll to court

  1. To rephrase top rainbow fantasy instruction… rainbow required,,,,,,,,,


    When I was a young man “Poofter bashing” was a national sport. I hope pedo-bashing takes on.

    • If the Jew headshrinkers have their way, along with the (((press))) we’ll all be reciting “Love Trumps Hate” in five years. The push is on to normalize pedos. Not on this site of course. #neverpedos

      • God of our fathers!
        I saw a vision and in the vision I saw whites gathered around a woman who also had a vision of prayer. A hand in hand prayer. When I awoke from the vision I pondered the mystery .
        So, I decided..back to the vision! I went back and I saw an Angel approach me who said, Homer, what The master wants to see is an Army of white men. NOT women. Armed and ready.
        Believe in the vision of prayer if you like…from women…or believe the Angel’s correction to me.:)
        I stand ready!

  2. Now that faggot marriages are legal and refusing to bake them a wedding cake is a hate crime, it is only a matter of time before this and beastiality will also be legalized. The stinking jews already think that sex with a 3 year old is OK. I looked up “beastiality” to make sure I spelled it right and got several pages of animal/human porn sites.

    Homer, if you can thump a few of them upside the head with your Bible, it would be great.

  3. Yeesh, what a cute kid. In regards to homerbuford’s above comment about Bible-thumping, I wonder what it would be like to use a Bible to beat to death a pedophile. You could preach to the guy while doing it, you know, God’s wrath and all of that.

    • If she says she’s five years old, we have to believe her or accept that we are transphobic, homophobic bigots. That’s what a professor would say and they are never wrong. Right?

      Beating one to death with a Bible is interesting. So is crucifying one. I guess if the tranny was a Jew, we could gas him.

      • Where I come from, NSW, Australia, anyone under ten years of age can not be charged with any crime including murder. So maybe this man has a cunning idea, that as a five year old girl he can not be convicted, and should not even be charged.
        If his defense was used about 40 years ago he would have been sent to a mental hospital and could easily be there for the rest of his life.
        Modern times seems to encourage lying and weirdness – such things are rewarded while telling the truth is punished.

    • Great point! I once told a story of a homicide detective who got tired of regulations forbidding the term ‘surgically dismembered’ when a white Christian girl was found in the woods. He had to use the word ‘mutilated’ since an actual (((doctor))) had not done the deed.
      So he ( the detective) took his next (((predator))) to the scene in the woods and showed it to the (((predator))) he then drew a private side arm out and pointing it to the known ((( perpetrater))) said I am going to read a psalm to you and when I finish you have 30 seconds to do with as you please. Understand this: I suggest you pray; If God prevents this bullet, you walk..It’s more time than this precious child had…if God does not prevent me, then you die here. Click, kablooy! No trial here on earth!

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