Mexican Woman Sex Slave Claims to Have Been RAPED 43,000 Times


Mexicans are the most sexually depraved race on the planet. That’s not me talking, that’s Karla Jacinto.

The presence of muh Mexicans in the USA will forever change our country for the worse. It’s why we must build Trump’s Wall and cut both legal and illegal immigration from Mexico.

A woman who was raped 43,000 times is now travelling the world to help other victims of sex trafficking.

Karla Jacinto was lured away from her dysfunctional family when she was just 12 by a trafficker who offered her money, gifts and the promise of a better life.

By the age of 16, Ms Jacinto says she had been raped more than 43,000 times and was often forced to have sex with 30 different men a day.

Now 24, she is fighting back against Mexico’s human trafficking crisis, by raising awareness of how the criminals work so potential victims can spot red flags.

As part of her passionate activism, Ms Jacinto has even met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to discuss sexual slavery and human trafficking.

Recalling her harrowing experience, she told CNN: ‘They would beat me with sticks, they would beat me with cables, they would beat me with chains.

Bride killed while making dramatic helicopter entrance to her wedding
‘There were people who would laugh at me because I was crying. I had to close my eyes so I wouldn’t see what they were doing to me.’

Ms Jacinto was rescued in 2008 as part of an anti-trafficking operation in Mexico City, where an estimated 20,000 women are victims of sex trafficking, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

More than 20 million people are thought to be trapped in some sort of modern slavery across the world today, according to End Slavery Now.

Over 4.5 million are estimated to be victims of sex trafficking.

As Donald Trump has said, some of them are good people. But it sure as hell ain’t the 43,000 rapists who paid to have sex with underage teen Karla.

Kudos to her for telling her story. Let it be a warning to white America and the world.

One more thing. On a per capita basis, Mexico is the world’s leading producer of child porn.

If you’re ever tempted to head to Mexico for some sex tourism, just keep in mind this photo. What you see is what you’ll get.

I've seen pictures of this Mexican woman on porn sites.  Obviously, she does fetish porn of the fugly, hairy kind.

12 thoughts on “Mexican Woman Sex Slave Claims to Have Been RAPED 43,000 Times

  1. And she has visited the Pope! ( who has no involvement in recent scandals and who has no walls around Vatican city and who would gladly welcome ‘refugees’ but you see the 46 citizens of Vatican city has laws against accepting ‘Refugees’)

  2. Stories like this make me ashamed to be half-Mexican. Call it what you want, but our forbears had it right regards outlawing miscegenation and practicing eugenics. Always remember kiddies, white is right.

    • Paradoxically, a few of the Mexican girls I knew when I was a professor were devout Catholic virgins, saving themselves for marriage. The Catholic church probably produces some good wives for good men.

  3. This woman was able to physically have sex with 30 men a day for four years without physical harm, other than many diseases if her story is true.
    Yet most Western wives think having sex once a day with a loving husband is far too much??? I am talking about after the first two weeks of marriage, of course.

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