Daily Mail Accused of Hatred for Reporting Nonwhite Crime News, Facing Advertiser Boycott

A significant number of posts on this site are sourced from the Daily Mail because the big British news organization offers information hard to find anywhere else. I’m talking about information related to race and ethnicity.

The Mail should not allow itself to be cowed into political correctness because truth is deemed to be racist by politically correct, cowardly companies like Lego.

The Local Denmark

Danish toy giant Lego has announced that it will no longer run advertisements or product giveaways in the Daily Mail.

The decision comes after pressure from the groups Stop Funding Hate, which called on corporations to stop giving advertising money to newspapers that espouse “hatred, discrimination and demonization”.

Lego’s advertising promotions with the Daily Mail, which included toy giveaways with printed copies of the paper, came into the group’s crosshairs after an open letter to the Billund-based company from a British father went viral.

Bob Jones wrote that he has often purchased copies of the Daily Mail in order to get the free Lego pack so that he can give it to his six-year-old son. But Jones wrote that the Daily Mail has crossed a line in its recent coverage.

“Headlines that do nothing but create distrust of foreigners, blame immigrants for everything, and as of yesterday [November 3rd, ed.] are now having a go at top judges in the UK for being gay while making a legal judgement. Their stories have gone a little too far. (A lot too far),” Jones wrote in a Facebook post that was shared by thousands.

Jones was referring to the Daily Mail’s branding of the high court as “enemies of the people” after the court ruled that parliament must trigger Article 50 to formally begin the Brexit process.

The newspaper then described Sir Terence Etherton as an “openly gay ex-Olympic fencer” in a headline that was subsequently changed.

“We spend a lot of time listening to what children have to say. And when parents and grandparents take the time to let us know how they feel, we always listen just as carefully,” Trangbaek said. “We are both humbled and honoured to see how much consumers all over the world express their care for our company and our brand.”

Lego is the first major company to respond to the Stop Funding Hate campaign, which has been targeting advertisers’ ties to UK newspapers for months. In addition to the Daily Mail, it has gone after The Sun and the Daily Express, accusing the newspapers of promoting a “culture of hate, demonization and division that is poisoning our political discourse”.

The campaign has also pressured the Co-Op Group – whose businesses include supermarkets, insurance companies and electrical retailers – and department store John Lewis. The former has said that it is “reviewing” its advertising strategies while the latter has said it is unlikely to make any changes as a result of the Stop Funding Hate campaign.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Mail Accused of Hatred for Reporting Nonwhite Crime News, Facing Advertiser Boycott

  1. The Daily Telegraph in Australia is owned by Murdoch but regularly identifies tinted criminals with names and photos. It is a working mans tabloid and pretty right wing. Only today it gave free publicity to Pauline Hanson of the anti immigration far right. A prominent Australian businessman Dick Smith has come out in support of her Immigration policies. The so called right wing Govt led by a former Goldman Sachs banker allows in 200,000 legal Immigrants per year. The good guys propose a limit of 70,000. I prefer zero or even a minus number.
    The UK Telegraph is also right wing, maybe more so. I have not looked at the Oz one online until today. No free peeks so forget that, so I will not link it. Greedy MSM thinks they can charge to read rubbish and propaganda.

    • WaPo, the NYTimes, and LATimes give 10 free articles a month. After that you have to subscribe. During election week, I took WaPost up on a free one week subscription. I got registered. I think because of that I can still comment on articles there, up to the 10 free ones. I’m not going to subscribe when there are alternate sources for most stories.

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  3. I read the Daily Mail daily. While they are a bunch of liberal “gits”, at least I can get facts about American news stories that I can not get from our Juden-controlled news.

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