BREAKING: Two Juveniles Arrested for Starting the Deadly Tennesse Wildfires

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The story just broke on NBC News 5 minutes ago. Developing …

NBC News

Two juveniles were arrested Wednesday on aggravated arson charges in the Tennessee wildfire that killed 14 people, and more charges are possible, authorities said Wednesday.

The suspects weren’t identified because they’re minors. Authorities would say only that they are residents of Tennessee but not of Sevier County, where the fire caused significant damage and forced the evacuations of thousands of residents around Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Sevier County District Attorney James Dunn said the suspects were being held pending a detention hearing at which a juvenile court judge will decide bond.

Authorities said the suspects could be charged as adults and that other charges “are on the table.”

I’ve speculated here that the fires were arson. I’ve also speculated that Muslims may have been involved. These are reasonable speculations since ISIS instructed its followers to set forest fires. At some point, because the juveniles are being charged as adults, we’ll learn more about them and whether their motivation was racial.

More later as information becomes available.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Two Juveniles Arrested for Starting the Deadly Tennesse Wildfires

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  2. I am still waiting for the perp’s identities. If they are evil YT’s, the minor ID protection law would have been disregarded and their identities revealed already.

    • No news to post yet, but when I looked up the story a few hours ago, there was strong suspicion that they are nonwhite and probably Muslim. “Aggravated” in the charge means they intended to hurt or kill people. Murder charges should be forthcoming.

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